Is Mackinnon Andrews a player?

Name: Mackinnon Andrews
Other Names: Mac Andrews
Birthday: 1970
Physical Description: white woman, 5’8, 160lbs, 36D, bleach blond hair
Location: Lexington Kentucky and Santa Rosa Beach Florida USA
Phone Number: 859-333-1602
Other Links: Mackinnon Andrews June 2022 review

A man met Mackinnon Andrews on Tinder. She said she was looking for something casual and not strings with a guy she could have fun with. They agreed to meet for a hookup but then Mackinnon never showed up for their date and ghosted.

The messages show that before ghosting Mackinnon would respond to texts but never answer the phone when the man called. The man thought Mackinnon might be a scammer but we found her Facebook and that she was a real person.

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