Is Mackenzie Kay Huletdarst a cheater?

Name: Mackenzie Kay Huletdarst
Other Names: Kenzie Kay
Physical Description: brunette 5’1 125lbs 38C-20-24, tattoo on right hip
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Email: moc.l1675266927iamg@1675266927591ya1675266927keizn1675266927ek1675266927
Phone: 614-607-1546
Kenzie met a man on Tinder. The messages show that they talked about sex and Kenzie sent the man dirty pics. They made plans to hook up and then Kenzie told the man that she was currently living with her boyfriend and wanted to cheat on him.
Is Kenzie a cheater? Does anyone know her real name?

2 Replies to “Is Mackenzie Kay Huletdarst a cheater?”

  1. Her name is Mackenzie Huletdarst and she is a cheater and lies to guys to steal their money

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