Is Lori Martin a cheater or a scammer?

Name: Lori Martin
Birthday July 4th 1977
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Email: moc.o1679491666ohay@16794916664nitr1679491666am_ir1679491666ol1679491666
Phone: 317-654-5859
Lori dated a guy for awhile and always asked him to loan her money (guys, why do you fall for this?). He knew she was a stripper but the sucker thought she was “different”. Then one of her friends felt sorry for him and told him about the escort website Lori was on. He confronted her and she admitted she had been cheating on him and didn’t need him anymore because she had a new sucker named Loren Day. The texts also show that she never paid the money back and stopped responding. The man hopes someday the Loren Day guy will see this.

12 Replies to “Is Lori Martin a cheater or a scammer?”

  1. Where she dance and escort at? We go way back, and would love to let certain people know..

  2. Oh and DAMN.. Spend six thousand on tits, but wont get her teeth fixed… Cant all these guys see the track marks? She gave her kids up for heroine… Doesnt it show? Or do those fake double d's really blind men?

  3. Her ex husband is the sweetest guy in the worlds.. Not to mention sexy as shit.. This bitch up and leaves one day, no reason, no warning.. Takes everything he owns and just bounces… He told me later, when he asked her why, she couldnt even remember.. There is a special place in hell for people like her.. He takes care of her daughter, and god knows where her son ended up.. If you meet this Bitch, RUN! The sad part is, when I told her ex husband about this site, he felt bad for her and wants to help her.. So sad to see a ten like him waste love the rest of us would die for…

  4. No she has two.. Her son was really little when she gave him to his dad because she could not pass a court ordered drug test.. Several times if memory serves me correctly. Her and the guy she was married too had 2 kids that passed away as well. (Not sure about details) So technically she has had four. Her ex has tattoos for both they lost, so I know its true..

  5. Last I heard she went to jail in indpls. She was living wt some hot guy in indpls but got caught cheating on him and using heroin so he threw her ass out! Good for him!

  6. I'm her son father and would like any info on her. She has been gone for 2years.

  7. I'd like any info I can get on her, I'm the father of her son. Hoosiernova at Yahoo.. if you can help a brother out!

  8. Seeing how this is me you are all talking about. I would love to know who I borrowed money from, who I admitted cheating on, since I never have cheated on anyone. Oh and my ex husband, I LEFT HIM BECAUSE HE WOULDN'T WORK AND WAS SELLING EVERYTHING FOR CRACK! He is behind over $30,000 in child support and hadn't seen his daughter in 8 years. yeah he takes care of her my ass. And he is sexy if you like grey skin from crack uses and liver marks. He is a loser. No one I've dated has kicked me out for catching me use heroin. I don't have any track marks you dumb asses. I wasn't a stripper, and I never dated Loren Day, he was left at my house by a friend of his and I took care of the him for over 3 months. I'm suck a bad person, right? I also have always told people I have 4 kids so if they don't listen thats not my problem. I love every one of my kids. I never failed a court ordered drug test either. Get your facts straight before you go and post your bullsh@#! Anonymous – I was never on an escort website! Need info on me, just ask. I don't hide any information. Coby you talk to me all the time so what the heck? I don't have double D's and didn't pay $6,000 for them either. man you got nothing correct.

  9. I think you're all a bunch of haters. Lori is ANYTHING but a cheater! In fact, her unwillingness to cheat broke my heart.

    We had what to her was probably just a friendship with benefits type of relationship, but to me was more. Went on for about 4 years. Then she got a relationship going with another guy. Now I'm not monogomistic, so I didn't mind her having another guy, but she absolutely refused to cheat on him. Pretty much ruined our relationship which I know hurt both of us. Doesn't sound like a cheater to me. You're all full of BS.

  10. I drove from Cincinnati a few times to see Lori. Sometimes she would "forget" I was coming and not be there. Other times she would be there and we would hang out and have sex. Every time I called or wanted to see her she would mention money.

    She had moved to a house on Grant Ave and I was sitting on a couch in that living room with a blonde woman and a guy. The woman had started an stripper/escort service and was telling all about it. Lori said she didn't work there.

    When the woman and Lori left to go buy pot the guy told me to watch out because Lori lied and was working there. He said she was playing me and a bunch of other guys to get money from us and told me some of the lines she used which where the exact things she said to me. When they came back I made an excuse to go home and never went back.

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