Is Liz Murphy a player?

Name: Liz Bauer Murphy
Other Names:
Birthday: 1976
Physical Description: Blonde
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Email: moc.e1669758924m@67y1669758924hprum1669758924zil1669758924

According to the messages we saw Liz likes to meet men on Tinder and talk about meeting for sex. Then she doesn’t show up and unmatches them.


3 Replies to “Is Liz Murphy a player?”

  1. This is probably true and so funny completely get what is deserved. Couldn’t of happened to a faker person

  2. Fuck this website. She is an amazing woman. You are all probably bitter old men and need to grow up and get a life. This is disgusting. EVERYONE involved in this is a terrible person and will get their karma. Go to hell.

  3. So because she decided that YOU were not in HER best interest you vented your insecurities by putting down a fabulously sweet and genuine woman? You’re a dick and I hope no woman ever shows an interest in you, ever, for your attempt at publicly smearing a sweet gal.

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