List Of Potential Crazies

We have received a few different responses from people wanting to report potential crazies. Someone asked if they could report guys to. Of course you can. Our blog is for anyone that needs to report fakes, crazies, cheaters, liars, players and worse.

A word of advice to all. If you don’t like someone’s personal ad, ignore it and move on. Harassing them is just going to make more trouble for yourself than it does for them.

Name: Mehmet Bodur or Bodurr
email: moc.l1664899477iamto1664899477h@01.166489947742.te1664899477mhem1664899477 and moc.l1664899477iamto1664899477h@ute1664899477m_rud1664899477ob1664899477
Mehmet wrote us about Melisa Cinbat saying he was her boyfriend and demanded we take down the pictures. He said the story was different than what we had been told but refused to answer any of our questions. Then he said he was lying and wasn’t really her boyfriend. We aren’t sure what the real story is but he changed both his email address and his relationship with her. There was something very suspicious about all of that so we decided to give him his own mention.

Name: Rob Anderson
According to the emails reported to us Rob likes to harass people online, particularly other men. He seems to be obsessed with what will happen to their buttocks (he is much more graphic).

Name: Keith St. John
Email: moc.l1664899477iamte1664899477kcor@1664899477nhojt1664899477shtie1664899477k1664899477
Wrote a man and asked man to have sex with Keith’s wife while Keith watched

Name: Mike Qrewsanqt
Email: moc.l1664899477oa@5y1664899477ddady1664899477tsand1664899477raH1664899477
Responded to another guy’s personal ad and cursed at him. Email reported gave no reason for the outburst or why Mike wrote at all.

Name: Leah Soubra
Email: moc.o1664899477ohay@1664899477s_egn1664899477alosh1664899477ael1664899477
Another one that felt the need to send emails full of names and cursing to a stranger.

Mark Booth
Email showed he likes to write women just to curse at them and criticize their ads

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