List of possible Gay men and pic traders

The old list was getting to long so here is a new list divided a little better. These are possible gay men and pic traders that we don’t have enough info on to set up their own story.

Hot Couple Swap
Wrote pretending to be couple and asking for pics

Philip Swain
Wrote ad a straight man had posting looking for a girlfriend. Philip stated he was bisexual and wanted to have sex with him.

Gary Halusek
Wrote obscene emails described wanting to partake in homosexual acts

Jason Winkler 
Says he is part of a couple and is bi. When the person he is writing makes it clear they aren’t interest in men he harasses them

Gay guy hitting on straight guys

Adam moc.o1679489143ohay@1679489143999ma1679489143dayba1679489143B1679489143
Another admitted gay man that harrasses straight men through their personal ads

Jamie aka Cutie Pie

Possible gay guy or pic collected. Wants nudes pics of guys but then disappears

Dawn Cox
Another person claiming to be a woman wanting dirty pics of other guys and couples. Except he doesn’t send any pics of himself, just collects them.

Rick Petter aka moc.o1679489143ohay@1679489143ereht1679489143tubru1679489143oy1679489143
Another gay guy harassing straight people.

Not sure if this is a gay or a girl but whoever it is they are a fake that asks guys for nude pics 

Shawn Daniels aka moc.l1679489143iamg@16794891438slei1679489143nadnw1679489143ahs1679489143
Shawn is another guy that pretends to be women and writes other guys trying to get their nude pics. Is he gay? Anyone know anything about him?

Jon Dough 
Claims to be a married man with a wife he wants to share with other men. He asks for pics but no one ever talks to the wife or knows if she is even real

Answered ad looking for pretending to be a woman. Sent porn pics wanting pics in return. Never sent any real pics even when asked. Offered phone number and when called turned out to be a man

Mike Jones moc.l1679489143oa@ee1679489143cpj1679489143
We found a WHOLE lot of different names for this email address. Pretends to be a woman, but really is a dude pretending to be a woman so he can get pics of other men

Supposedly this is another dude pretending to be a woman for pic trading

Describes herself as 28 5’11 and 155 and that she will send her pic once she is sure you are real, all the normal excuses but never does. The weird thing about this one is she answered another ad as a man wanting dirty pics froma couple but then also never sent any back. Anyone have any info about him?

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  1. get a fucking life…. go out in the real world and meet people instead of hiding behind your computer and people not answering you back

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