List of Possible Cheaters?

This is a list of possible cheaters we do not currently have enough info to make a full page about. We will update it as we have more to add.

Please leave a comment or use the link above to contact us if you have any information about them.

Erica Landley
Wrote stating she was married and wanted to cheat but gave no other information and did not send a pic

This person wrote that they knew someone who was looking to have an affair

Jill Jacobson
Sent nude pics. When the man whose ad she answered asked for a face pic she said she was married and didn’t send those out

Renee Bowling
Renee is another supposed player. Claims to want to cheat on her hubby and asks for pics from guys but never sends hers and never meets up.

One of the guys Lori was hooked up with told us she is a teacher that likes to cheat on her hubby. He found out that not only was she cheating with him, but she was cheating on him with several other guys

Renae Rutherford
Wrote a man saying she was married but wanted to cheat and offered to send him x-rated pics. He told her he wasn’t interested. She continued to right and he had to tell her several times he wasn’t interested. She never sent a pic.

Tonya Sabine
Supposedly she was using this guy for his money, gave him a sob story about being broke and he helped her pay her bills and everything. Turns out she had a boyfriend and was cheating on them both.

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