List #5 of Fakes and Players

A new list of possible fakes and players as reported by the emails forwarded to us.

Name: Sybil Jordan
Email: moc.l1685483253iamg@1685483253retir1685483253wliby1685483253s1685483253
Wrote a guy about having sex with him and then stopped replying when he asked to see her picture. 

Name: V Anne
Email: moc.o1685483253ohay@1685483253943en1685483253nav1685483253
Wrote a guy about having sex but never sent pics or any real info

Name: Michelle Beringer
Email: moc.e1685483253vil@n1685483253ufrof1685483253tsuj.1685483253elleh1685483253cim1685483253
Wrote a guy about having sex with him and sent pics stolen from the internet 

Name: Cowgirl Wild
Email: moc.l1685483253iamto1685483253h@96d1685483253liwen1685483253oglri1685483253gwoc1685483253
Sent pictures of herself topless and was supposed to meet guy for sex but then never showed up

Name: Jeremy Bishop
Email: moc.l1685483253iamg@1685483253hsibe1685483253ej1685483253
Wrote a guy pretending to be male part of a couple and wanting to trade pics. 

Nicole Smith
Wrote a guys ad about having sex with him but refused to send her pic 

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