Is Lisa Moore Murray a player or a cheater?

Name: lisa.mooremurray
Email: moc.o1675640107ohay@167564010732ymm1675640107omsix1675640107el1675640107

Lisa wrote a man’s personal ad and insisted on seeing his pic before she would send hers. He agreed and sent her a pic, she sent one back. They talked some about hooking up and he gave her his number but she never called and stopped responding to emails. So he looked her up online and found out that her Facebook page says Lisa is married!

Anyone know anything more about her? Is she a player or a cheater?

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12 Replies to “Is Lisa Moore Murray a player or a cheater?”

  1. you guys are fucking losers get a life!!!!!!! you have no right to ruin people's lives because someone doesn't want to fuck you…….you and this website disgusts me….. you guys are sad sad sad souls

  2. We verify everything and did not see sex mentioned once. We did see that she asked for photos of him and did discuss dating. She never mentioned that she was married and wanted to cheat.

    We also saw her Facebook profile that states she is married. If she is the one cheating, how are we ruining her life? If you were being cheated on by your spouse you wouldn't want to be warned?

  3. A friend brought your website to my attention and I am respectfully asking that you please remove all of my personal information and photos from your website. I am not a cheater or a player. I am currently going through a divorce. I apologize to the gentleman that I did not call. I am a business owner and mother of 3 girls, I either forgot, accidentally deleted our correspondences or just plain realized I already had too much on my plate. I am sorry that you felt offended, hurt or mislead. That was not my intention. Being that I am a business owner, a website like this could be very damaging to my reputation and I do not feel I deserve that for not calling a guy that gave me his number. I also have children and for them to find their mother on a website like this saying I was possibly cheating on their father could be damaging to them. They do not deserve any harm in any way. Having my email, my photos and my full name on a public website like this potentially puts me and my family in danger and that terrifies me the most. I am not an active Facebook user, but my information and photos are suppose to be set to private. I made a lapse in judgement in thinking it was okay to answer personal ads. Your website and the danger it has put my family and I in taught me a permanent lesson. I will never answer another personal ad anywhere ever again. Again, I desperate ask please, please remove all of my information and photos from your website. Thank you.

  4. Please keep in mind that women have a website to report men that cheat and it has been unsuccessfully sued several times. We also operate outside the USA and our country is not so pro rights.

    Anytime you go to court in your country your name is put on a public website. If you want contact us directly we would be happy to remove your information if you show that what was reported is untrue.

  5. She is neither and that guy needs to get over himself. She lost interest or got busy or accidentally deleted his number or any number of things. You can clearly see by her Facebook page she is not active on Facebook at all. She never updates it and hasn't posted pictures since October! Ever think maybe her status changed since then? Like she got divorced! You have no right to invade people's privacy like this and especially have no right to post pregnant photos of them!!!!

  6. I don't understand how your first paragraph pertains to what I wrote? I do not need a website to report men that cheat bc no matter how badly I was hurt if I was ever cheated on, I would not want someone else to go through the embarrassment and constant worry that your website is putting me through. Having my full name, personal email and photos on a public site is very dangerous. I would never purposely put someone in that kind of danger.

    I cannot find any information on your website that tells me how to contact you directly. On my iPad, under your profile, 'contact me' is not clickable. Please give me your email address or email me at the address you have posted. I can provide proof of my situation. What would you like? I have a rental agreement for the apt building I moved into, alone with my children. I would obviously have to cover the address, for fear that you would post it, but I believe the agreement states that it is only 1 adult and 3 minors who reside. I can also provide you with a statement from my soon to be ex-husband. If he knew my personal information was listed on a site like this, he would happily oblige for our children's safety. He is a police officer and sees first hand the kind of danger you have put us in. I can have him make a video statement and also make a copy of his work ID and drivers license (with everything but his name and picture blacked out on both). Will that be enough to have you please remove all of my photos and personal information?

  7. What you would or would not do if you were cheated on is unimportant. This is what we do and the men who come here do because they don't want to be cheated on, lied to or taken advantage of.

    If you still want to contact us go to our FAQ and there are directions there.

  8. We would like to point out that Even though someone claiming to be Lisa has left comments she has not contacted us with the proof she claimed to have.

  9. Clearly, you are ALL MEN, who are so Jaded that you are ruining women's REAL lives over them not responding back to a message. A MESSAGE!!!! It is not like this person was ever stood up, ever mistreated, ever physically harmed…. but the HARM that you are causing because you CAN NOT get someone to actually meet you is disgusting. People internet date, some people don't respond after a point when it gets CREEPY (and clearly, we were ALL in good faith in cutting off correspondence with any and all of these men because they are clearly, sick in the head to subject people that they do not even know to such internet disgrace). All you assholes are, are a bunch of INTERNET BULLIES… Whom are looking for revenge against women they know nothing about. You will be destroyed by KARMA. No matter how you twist it in your head…. you have no right to torture people's lives you know nothing about. Get some therapy and delete this disgraceful website. AND if you were truly so,so proud of your extensive work on here… you should proudly display your own pictures and take pride in the work you are accomplishing. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!

  10. Instead of leading him on why didn't she say "I am not interested, I am cheating on husband and want someone else?"

    To the ones defending her, you are saying that when a woman cheats on her husband and lies to other men, we shouldn't warn people about her?

  11. I know Lisa and she has always acted like she was Mrs Perfect wife and mom. Its hilarious all this time she was a liar and a cheater. My wife will love this.

    I also think its funny that all these people defending her talk about karma and payback don't realize this website is Karma for her being a cheater.

  12. I don't know her personally either but I do know she is not happily married. Regardless, she IS married. She needs to remember that and stop trying to "rekindle" with the ex, or whoever else this particular man is!!!!! Get a divorce or get over it. Stop creeping….not classy:(

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