Is Leslie Aretz a player or crazy?

Name: Leslie Aretz
Email: moc.l1679858916oa@zt1679858916eraei1679858916lsel1679858916

Leslie responded to an ad on Craigslist. The man says he had posted his pictures and made it clear he expected any women responding to send theirs. Leslie responded without and when questioned refused to send them.

We wondered why she would waste someone’s time and answer an ad that has pics but refuse to send hers. So we did some digging and did find pics of an obese woman. Is that what she was hiding? Or is she just a player?

Update October 2015: Leslie contacted us. She admitted to responding to personal ads and playing games with people but then made excuses for her behavior. Then she blamed an ex for being the one that reported her and it was all lies, even though she had already admitted to doing the things in the review. Then when we still wouldn’t remove her she started calling us names.

Do you think Leslie Aretz is crazy?

4 Replies to “Is Leslie Aretz a player or crazy?”

  1. OBESE Player!!! I have worked with her for years. She plays and then wants everyone to feel sorry for her. She also likes to flirt with married men with their wife's around. Stay away from her.

  2. I have had contact with this person on a very personal level for years. I find the description of her from your pages to be offensive and totally inaccurate. If you post info without proof from angry ex’s or people who do not know her you are doing an injustice to those who might want to know her and those who already do. I am not crazy and have socialized with leslie for over 25 years. Pity that you tell half truths to satisfy some salacious need.

  3. As we said in the review, Leslie contacted us and admitted to doing it then made excuses for her behavior to try and get us to remove the person’s review.

  4. I never admitted to playing games with anyone. That is a total and complete lie.

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