Is Lawler a scammer or a fake?

Name: Lawler
Other Names: Matthew Brian Lawler (possible)
Birthday: 1991
Physical Description: 5’11 38DD 135lbs
Location: Chicago Illinois USA
Phone Number: 217-899-6782
A man met a woman on a dating app known is Feeld that is known for its fake profiles. Screenshots of messages show right away the man was suspicious because the woman was much younger and Lawler wanted to talk dirty right away. They talked for a bit but Lawler refused to share a proof pic so the man thought Lawler was a catfish (always ask for a proof pic).
The man reported her to us and we found the photos were stolen and the phone number is linked to  Mathew Brian Lawler who is a 43 year old man and not a 29 year old woman.
Do you think Lawler is a fake or a scammer? Leave your comment below.
Update November 2022: Another person contacted us showing that Lawler was using the app Feeld. Feeld is a sex app that is known for being full of scammers and that the app developers do not delete reported profiles

7 Replies to “Is Lawler a scammer or a fake?”

  1. Total scammer. This guy has been posing as MB Lawler, a female “sex goddess” for over 20 years. His name is Matthew Brian Lawler.

  2. What’s the name of the model he’s using though, he’s got a bog collection of pics and vids

  3. Ran across this profile on Color Dating, I received a message asking for lots of details of my anatomy (plus photos), and the same # to send this information to…I didn’t of course, googled the #, and found myself here, along with the “Matthew Lawler” info. Seems someone is pranking Mr. Lawler, who is apparently a lawyer.

  4. Nov 2021, same thing on feeld, wants you to text pics to 217-899-6782. The guy’s phone number is even on this linkedin profile. Not even trying to cover his tracks.

  5. Just got contacted by this person two days ago, also on feeld. Same m.o. asking for a litany of details, promising the best this and that.
    Scary that people fall for things like this.

  6. This guy is using KIK posing as “Goddess Lawler” send photos of this red haired woman. Total fake.

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