Is Lauren Harman a Crazy?

Name: Lauren Harman
Other Names: Lauren Honig
Birthday: 5’5 36D
Physical Description:
Email: moc.o1686142952ohay@168614295297nam1686142952rahml1686142952
Phone: 215-527-0612

A man met Lauren Harman on Tinder and they talked about both being Jewish. They made plans to meet and then have sex. The text messages show that when he was on the way to meet her she canceled because she had to get her nails done. That is not a joke. In her text messages she said she had to cancel because she had made a nail appointment.

Lauren wanted the man to change his plans to take her out another time. He refused to change his plans and Lauren got mad. Lauren called him names, told him he was being a baby and unreasonable. The man stopped responding to her messages.

The man pointed out to us that all the pics he saw of her had been edited and photoshopped so  he though she was very superficial and wondered what Lauren really looked like.
(we found normal pics of her online to share below)

Is Lauren Harman a crazy?

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