Is Laura Todd a fake or a player?

Name: Laura Todd
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Email: moc.o1685482896ohay@1685482896ycnic1685482896ddota1685482896rual1685482896 and moc.l1685482896iamg@1685482896tll171685482896911685482896

According to the emails we saw Laura answered an ad on Craigslist and they corresponded some. The emails show that at some point Laura stopped responding to the guy.

Update Sept 2013: Another man wrote us and said Laura did the same thing to him. Laura sent the pics we have included. The emails show Laura answered his ad and then he wrote back trying to get to know her. Her correspondence was all short, one line messages and wanted to talk about sex. After awhile she stopped responding at all.


7 Replies to “Is Laura Todd a fake or a player?”

  1. Maybe you should consider this. She is real, was not interested in you and did not want to hurt your feelings once you forwarded photos.

  2. Hey lady. Just cuz you are hot don't mean you can blow people off and ignore them. And with you doing it to two guys it sounds like you are a player and just trying to cover your ass.

  3. She needs to know she is being played. The guy she is leaving love notes for has multiple women. Rob is the fake.

  4. Dear anonymous from May 12, 2016. You seem to know my history with Rob. Is he still being fake?

  5. I am not Rob or whoever she is talking about. I was a real guy who made plans to meet her. I sat waiting for her but she never showed up, even paid for a sitter. Laura Todd is the one playing games

  6. You are still commenting on this after 3 + years?! No plans were ever made. You have the wrong woman.

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