Is Laura Brown in Augusta Georgia a scammer?

Name: Laura Brown
Other names: Genesis Laura MacKenzie Brown
Email: moc.l1695431110iamt@1695431110arual1695431110repyh1695431110 and moc.l1695431110iamg@1695431110arual1695431110repyh1695431110 and moc.o1695431110ohay@1695431110arual1695431110repyh1695431110
Location: Americus Georgia or Augusta Georgia USA
Phone: 478-456-4074 4784564074 and possibly 229-XXX-9280
Birthday: 2/11/83

A man found our website and sent proof he had talked to Laura Brown online and on the phone. That he was in love with her at the time and even went so far as to loan her money. Everytime he made arrangements to meet her, she backed out or didn’t show at the last minute. He even drove to Georgia to meet her and she didn’t show up.

After this went on for more than 2 YEARS someone claiming to be Laura’s lesbian lover contacted him and stated Laura was using him. The lover said the woman in the pictures Laura sent were stolen from Facebook and Laura was much shorter and fatter than the woman in the pictures. The man confronted Laura and she stopped responding to his messages.

We thought this a bit far fetched but then the man sent us dozens of her emails and pictures including nude photos she claimed were her.

Some of the nude pictures Laura claimed we found on other websites like this one (

Is Laura Brown a scammer or worse? This man would also like to know who the woman in these pics really is.

Update: Someone who used to date Laura sent a real picture of her and we added it above. Quite a difference between the real Laura Brown and the pics of the woman she sent to guys. This person told us these were games Laura played with men all the time.

Update: Someone found Laura here and sent us new information about her. They said she is still dishonest and tries to use people. They also said they believe the woman in the pics Laura was using is named Anna Kinsey

2017 photo of Laura Brown from Augusta Georgia


These are the pictures Laura stole of the woman she was pretending to be.



10 Replies to “Is Laura Brown in Augusta Georgia a scammer?”

  1. That is really seriously f#cked up. I dont understand falling in love with someone you have never met but to use them like that is just a totally a whore move.

  2. The picture at the top of the page is Laura Brown. I have copies of emails sent to Laura from a man who seemed to be very much in love with the person he "thought" she was. I have discovered a different side of Laura, one that I think she works hard to keep hidden from everyone except a select few. These emails talk about a "Laura" who was very sick with cancer, from a man that she had never met.

  3. Here is the real Laura Brown on Facebook – – Her parents, Joan (Passed in 2012) & Wayne were from Americus, GA. She supposedly went to Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA. Her last known was North Augusta, SC and Augusta, GA – Working first for T-Mobile and then for the southeastern firefighters burn foundation. As of July 2014 she's gone completely dark to my knowledge…

  4. I am the first guy she screwed over and I am surprised after all these years people are still finding her. She never did admit she lied to me and never paid me back all the money she owes me. Thanks for all your help though

  5. She still continues to this day though her number has changed, she’ll tell guys she lives with a roommate or ex. She still live in Augusta, works from home.

  6. The picture at the top of the page is Laura Brown. I am, however, a close personal friend of hers – I’ve known her since 2007 – and the ACTUAL Laura Brown would not under any circumstances, do what is being alleged here.

    In the other hand, she has associated with some pretty sketchy people, male and female, over the years. She has been scammed by an ex-girlfriend who used her info to get credit cards in her name. She has been scammed, although to some degree willingly I believe, by an ex-boyfriend. So it doesn’t surprise me that someone has used her information to scam someone else.

    The actual Laura Brown, however, is loving, generous, caring, and open-hearted woman who would do anything for a friend; it’s perhaps her trusting, giving nature that has caused her to surround herself occasionally with people who she has tried to help, but have taken advantage of her, even to the point of using her information to scam others.

    In summation, Laura isn’t a scammer, but it seems that someone she has been close to HAS.

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