Is Lana Moses a scammer?

Name: Lana Moses
Other Names: Goodheart4uu
Location: Halls Tennessee USA
Phone Number: 804-362-2698
A man met Lana Moses online and after she gave him her phone number. He tried calling and she would never answer but always texted and made an excuse for not talking. Eventually the man got suspicious and looked up the number to find out it is fake. When he confronted the person texting him they made more excuses but still refused to talk on the phone.
Do you think Lana is a scammer or a fake?

5 Replies to “Is Lana Moses a scammer?”

  1. Goodheart4uu also uses the number 1 (601) 658-0746 for whatsapp.
    poorly written, far too long texts. In a hurry. Refuses to answer questions.
    so many red lights flashing.

  2. This person has a profile on ALT. Gave me both the numbers you have listed here. Sent pics in text and tried to get me to buy into their bullshit. Sent them pics of this post and let them know that I was reporting their profile and number to ALT. They have just removed the profile.

  3. ALT is owned by the friend finder company which is known to create fake female accounts so that men will pay for membership and reply to messages from those fake female accounts

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