Name: Lada

Physical Description: 5’6″

Location: Savanah Georgia USA

Phone Number: 912-339-8948


Lada contact the man on a dating website. Her profile sounded suspicious and a quick Google search showed that it was all phrases copied from websites and music. None of her content was original. She also never answered any of his questions directly. They were all generic answers.

We checked her photo and it is stolen from the internet. The phone number she gave out was a fake phone number from a service scammers often use.


Do you think Lada is a scammer?

3 Replies to “Is Lada a scammer?”

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s the person that has been communicating with me for about 2 weeks, goes by the name of Josephine. She is supposedly in Kathmandu Nepal and studying Nursing.
    Says she wants to come to Australia next week to meet me and then if out works out come here to live eventually!
    Seriously how the bell would you know

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