Is Kristen Combs a player or a cheater?

Kristen Combs
Kristen Combs
Name: Kristen Combs
Other Names:
Location: Covington, Kentucky
Email: moc.l1679493075iamg@1679493075huhee1679493075ffocy1679493075msere1679493075hw1679493075

Kristen met a guy at a place called the Hofbrauhaus and they went back to his place and had sex.  He says that they talked for awhile and had sex a few more times. He said whenever they made plans to do something in public Kristen would cancel at the last moment. Eventually he gave up because he thinks he was cheating on someone.

Is Kristen a player or a cheater?

Kristen Combs
Kristen Combs


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  1. Definitely hiding something from her b/f or hubby. Or, for some reason she’s ashamed to be seen with you in public. Just keep bangin her and don’t fall in love, man. But beware – if she’s careless you could get an angry call from her man.

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