Is Krista Britt Haddad a player?

Name: Krista Haddad aka Krista Britt Haddad
Location: Louisville, KY
Email: moc.l1695427306iamg@1695427306citsi1695427306mitpo16954273062h1695427306
Phone: 859-699-0292 and 859-866-1518
Dating Profiles:

According to the emails we saw a man met Krista online and they talked for awhile. They traded pics and talked about dating and sex. After they made plans to meet she stopped answering his phone calls.

Update August 2015: We received a message from someone who had proof that they knew Krista personally. They provided additional info and said she was known for using men and then “blowing them off” when they weren’t useful to her anymore or she found a new one. He said that the phone number used to be hers but he believed she had a new one.

Update February 2017: Another man wrote and provided proof he also knew Krista and she had played games with him including not showing up for dates or returning calls.


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  1. Krista did the same thing to me. I met her last year and talked a lot then one day she just stopped responding. Tonight she answered an ad I had online. When I tried talking to her she said she was busy and would continue this next week. Who answers an ad and then tells them she is to busy and will reply in a week?

    I wasn't going to fall for her games again so I told her I wasn't interested. How do I post her picture?

  2. I met Krista online too.We talked a lot and she seemed like a cool girl,but we had a date set up for a certain time and place and she didn't show up.Then she made up a great excuse why she didn't show up.Then i let that go and we started talking again about sex and other stuff,so we had dinner and this time she showed up,and after dinner we fooled around for a while,then she went home and told me me how much she liked me and wanted to spend the next weekend with me.So we talked the next couple days about how excited she was to see me again,and that weekend she didn't show up again,no phone call,nothing.Then she called me a few days later like nothing had happened,so i just stopped playing her games and moved on.

  3. At least you guys found out early – before you wasted hours and hours of time falling for her game. Karma will get her back someday when she’s older, fatter and she WISHES guys would give her attention. Good luck guys.

  4. I saw krista for the first time in a couple years,WOW,she gained at least thirty pounds.I barely did recognize her because she had totally let herself go.Her butt was big enough that you could run three or four dogs in her backyard.She wasn’t the little hard body that I you to see in the gym !!! The good news if your a chubby chaser she might be right up your alley,but like what the last guy said what comes around goes around !

  5. I met her on Tinder a few weeks ago and she played all the same games with me. Her name is Krista Britt Haddad and she has a new phone number and pics.

  6. Anyone believing this nonsense or that really ACTUALLY KNOWS Krista, knows this is ONE bitter ex boyfriend – (edited by admin)! Krista is as fit as EVER

  7. I met krista via fetlife. She was quite interested in learningexperiencing kink. She seemed like she was all about me and we connected over the phone. During our conversation, she hung up on me. I never heard anything back. Until she found me/ messaged me on another social networking site. We chatted again and I reminded her of our previous conversation. I then ended it because she’s a nut.

  8. I have known Krista for years. She isn’t fat at all but she definitely plays guys and takes advantage of them.

  9. Krista played me too all kinds of sweet words n
    Plans to do things… She is really crazy …
    Just look at her Instagram pics n comments …

  10. She is a total nut – did the same stuff to me
    In February 2018
    Really crazy
    Acts nice – says the right things – boasts about herself- then in the middle of conversations she hangs up
    Made all kind of plans etc… She is one messed up
    Peter Pan girl – big lier

  11. I met her twice. I thought she was an incredibly nice woman. She was thoughtful.

    [comment edited because it violate TOS]

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