Is Kimberly Rhoton a player?

Name: Kimberly Rhoton
Other Names: Kim Rhoton
Birthday: 1971
Physical Description: white woman, 5’7, slim, blonde hair
Location: Huntington West Virginia USA
Phone Number: 304-963-6436

A man met Kim online and she said she wanted something casual and was not looking for a relationship. Screenshots would show she would often call or text the man when she was drunk. The man said Kim often acted strange on the phone like she was high or was confused and thought he was other men. They agreed to meet for a hookup. When the man tried texting her to confirm their date Kim didn’t respond and he never heard from her again.

In our search for more information we found that she has used many different names and has been arrested.

Do you think Kimberly Rhoton is a player?

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