Is Kaylee 216-307-3851 a fake or a player?

Name: Kaylee
Birthday: year 2000
Physical Description: blonde and petite
Location: Cleveland Ohio USA
Phone Number: 216-307-3851

A woman met Kaylee on a dating app called feeld. Feeld is known for being full of scammers and people that lie in their profiles so the woman was on guard.

Kaylee told the woman she was into BDSM and being degraded. Kaylee also said that she was looking for people to have group sex with. Kaylee then asked the woman to text nude photos. The woman realized Kaylee was using a fake phone number app. When she asked Kaylee about the fake phone number Kaylee blocked her.

We looked the phone number up and confirmed it is from an app commonly used by scammers.

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  1. I met her on feeld! She asked me to text her sex pics of my girlfriend and i. I asked her about the fake phone number and she lied and said it was a real phone number. When I told her I knew the truth, she blocked me too. I’m glad I Googled her phone number before I sent her anything. You guys are awesome!

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