Is Karen Spencer a player or a cheater?

Name: Karen Spencer
Other Names: Karenspen12
Description: 5’3 145lbs 36C
Location: Miamisburg, OH
Email: moc.l1686140378iamg@168614037821nep1686140378snera1686140378K1686140378
Phone: 513-804-8967
Dating Profiles:

May 2015

A guy met Karen online. They talked and texted for awhile. The messages we saw shows Karen bringing up kinky sex quite often. They made plans to meet a few times but Karen would cancel. Then one time she didn’t cancel, she just left the guy sitting in a restaurant and never answered his calls or messages.

Update November 2015:
Someone contacted us and provided us info from Karen’s Facebook, proving they did know her. They said she was known for playing games with men. They also said that she was currently in a relationship and may have been cheating in May 2015.

Update January 2017: Another reviewer contacted and proved Karen stated she wanted to have sex with him and sent him adult photos. He showed us they made plans to meet but Karen canceled both times because she claimed to busy. Then after saying she was to busy to date she started dating someone else so he believes she was playing games and lying to him.

Is Karen a player?

4 Replies to “Is Karen Spencer a player or a cheater?”

  1. Whom ever created this page does not know the definition of a player nor a cheater. For either of those to apply Karen would have to have been in an exclusive, committed, relationship, and by the creators own admission was not. In fact, this person had not even met her in person. Was there any evidence that she did not show up?

    I am Karen’s sister-in-law and I know she doesn’t just “drop” a person without reason; maybe she learned something unsavory about this person. Then six months later someone posts that she is in a relationship. In May she was not. Currently she is. Therefore, at some point she met the man she is with and decided to make it exclusive meaning cutting contact with any other guy. Meaning bottom line not a cheater or a player! Check your facts and a dictionary.

    Since there is no way to know who started the lies found on this site assumptions can be made. 1.This person is of low moral character. 2. Has no class. 3. Is a guy who needs to learn what being a man means-grow up! 4. He is mean and spiteful; obviously Karen made a wise choice when her intuition told her to step away. I will pray for this person to act like a real man and remove this page.

    Or maybe I have it all wrong and it was a woman who fabricated this because she wants the man Karen is with. Either way some maturity is in order.

  2. To the man who posted here. If you threaten us your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked. If lawyers get involved we will post pictures of her texts with her phone number talking dirty to guys so that people know how she really is and we are not lying.

  3. Karen did the same thing to me that she did to the other guys. She also talked dirty to me and sent me dirty pics. Only difference is I realized she was a player after I caught her in a few lies and she kept canceling so I wasn’t stupid enough to wait on her. I saw her on Tinder today so I decided to look her up and found this website. I reached out to see what she would say and it was the same excuses and stories about being to busy. Then she admitted she had been dating another guy.

  4. She couldn’t even remember which guy I was and kept getting me confused with the other ones she has lied to. Then after she saw my last comment she called me a coward. She won’t be honest with people or show up but we are the cowards? I am not trying to hurt her I just want to warn the next guy so he doesn’t believe her lies. She will make a lot of excuses but she won’t actually do anything.

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