Is Julie Lawrence a player?

Name: Julie Lawrence
Other Names:
Birthday: 1972
Physical Description: redhead, 5’0″, 104lbs, 32D size 2
Location: Kettering Ohio USA
Email: moc.o1679858877ohay@167985887727ecn1679858877erwal1679858877eiluj1679858877
Phone: 937-369-4340

A man met Julie Lawrence online. The messages they exchanged show she said she had just moved back to the area and was looking for casual sex. The messages show they had phone sex and they made plans to meet for sex in person. Julie didn’t show up. When the man tried calling Julie she ignored his calls.

Update: Another man met Julie Lawrence on Tinder. They both talked about dating and made plans to meet for lunch. The messages reveal that the man drove an hour to meet Julie but she didn’t show. She later said she “decided to go shopping with my sister instead”. She told the man she was off of work Sunday and he was stupid enough to make plans for a dinner date. The man drove to meet her again and she didn’t show again. Julie offered to go drinking with the man but only if he came to her. The man was smart enough not to do that a third time and they stopped talking. When he pointed out she would have to come to him because she had lied to him twice said it was “ridiculous he would even bring that up”.

Is Julie Lawrence a player?

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  1. She did the same thing to me last year after I drove to Dayton to meet her for dates two different times

  2. She sounds like one of those women who think just because they are hot they can lie and play games. Did she even apologize?

  3. No a friend pointed this website out to me and I saw her on it. After my comment I felt bad so I texted her to tell her about this. Before I could she blew up on me and acted like I was the bad guy for even mentioning that she had lied to me. I decided better not to tell her and reported her instead. Other guys need to be warned

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