Is Judy a player or a crazy?

Name: Judy
Other Names: Teresa
Birthday: 1976
Physical Description: 5’5, 160, 36DD, size 8 pants
Location: Topeka Kansas USA
Phone: 785-408-0696
Dating Profiles:

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Review:  I met Judy on Tinder and she told me she wanted her body to be used for sex. Gave me a big story about how it was hard to find a guy who was honest and respected her but liked the kind of sex she did. We talked a bunch about how she liked to be spanked and used for her body. Said her kids were home so she had to come to my place and we made plans. Then she pulled a no show. When I sent her a text she unmatched me on tinder. Definite player and liar.

Update 2018: Another man sent us messages saying her met this woman and she also told him her name was Judy. The conversation show they agreed to meet for sex and Judy told him about the sex she was into. When the man asked her to make plans to meet and have the sex they had talked about Judy started calling the man names and acting very crazy. The man stopped responding after that.

Do you think Judy is a player or a crazy?





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