Is Joseph Hughes a fake or player?

Name:Joseph Hughes
Phone: 6062191065
Email: ten.t1686138968ta.tx1686138968t@5601686138968191261686138968061686138968
Location: Kentucky USA

This person wrote a personal ad claiming to be a woman and refused to share any pics. Even after the guy told her he wasn’t interested she continued to harass him. We did some searching and the email address tracked to a phone number for a voicemail belonging to “Kristen”. It also linked and a Facebook profile belonging to Joseph Hughes. Joseph Hughes is a blank profile with only one friend, Megan Arthur.

So is Joseph a player trying to hit on men? Or is Morgan the player setting up fake profiles? Or is Kristen playing them both?

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  1. I responded to a CL ad on the same date or shortly thereafter and received a reply from a woman calling herself "Paige". I did receive two pics from her. Said she was 42 or 43 and her husband died in Dec. We made plans to connect, but she cancelled on me after I drove over an hour. IF she's real, I'd still be interested in a hookup.

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