Jennifer Weatherspoon a player or a cheater?

Name: Jennifer Weatherspoon
Other Names:
Description: 5’5, 160lbs 38D size 12
Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA
Email: moc.l1675270201iamg@16752702019noop1675270201sanne1675270201j1675270201
Phone: 317-405-7510
Dating Profiles:

According to the chats and texts Jennifer met a guy online and they started dating. She said she wanted to have sex with him and she wanted to make sure he wasn’t sleeping with anyone else. They agreed to stop dating other people. Jennifer sent the man nude pics and they talked about sex a lot. 

They made plans to meet a few times and Jennifer would always cancel. Finally the guy gave up and reported her to us thinking she was a player. When we were investigating his claims we found them to be true and at the same time (summer 2015) Jennifer may have been in a relationship with another man.
Review October 2017:
I had the same experience with Jennifer. We talked, she sent me dirty pics. I showed up for our date and she never did. I saw her on here and decided to reach out, see if she would respond to my texts this time. She did and first she claimed this website was a lie and asked who I was. I reminded her of what she had done but she couldn’t remember me. I asked if she did this to guys a lot and she admitted it but made excuses about how hard her life had been. Then she bitched about how this website is destroying her life. She didn’t care about all the people she screwed over to get on here. I asked her why she treated me like that. She stopped responding again, didn’t even apologize. I am going to send you some pics of our convo.

Is Jennifer a player, or a cheater? Tell us what you think in the comments below

7 Replies to “Jennifer Weatherspoon a player or a cheater?”

  1. She did the same thing to me back in 2015. We met on Tinder, she talked a lot and sent me dirty pics. Then when we were supposed to meet she never showed or called. Total player. I still have the pics somewhere. If I can find them I will send them to you.

  2. Jenn has been a great person. Made a great new friend Regardless of anyone’s past which we all have one. She has grew up and moved on from the games. I’m living proof been dating her for 2 months now and everything is good!!!

  3. That last comment is a lie or she is a cheater we just broke up in the last month after dating for four months . So one way or another it is a lie .

  4. She ruined my relationship. Always playing the victim wanting help, needing someone to take care of her

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