Is Jennifer Timberlake a player? 2nd Review

Name: Jennifer Timberlake
Other Names: Jennifer Crull
Physical Description: white woman, 5’7, slim, large breasts, brown hair
Location: Cincinnati Ohio USA
Email: moc.l1695427999iamg@1695427999111ek1695427999alreb1695427999mitj1695427999
Phone Number: 513-309-7980
Other Links: June 2014 review of Jennifer Timberlake

A different man met Jennifer on a dating app. He sent us screenshots of their messages showing that they had connected and they talked for many months. The man genuinely believed Jennifer was his friend. Jennifer told him about an abusive ex and how she wanted a man that was trustworthy and reliable. Jennifer and the man agreed to meet but every time they made a date Jennifer canceled and made an excuse. She continued to talk to him and tell him about her life and problems. The screenshots show that when Jennifer was having a hard time she would message or call this man. She continued to promise that when she had time they would have a date and even sent him nude photos. Then one day Jennifer ghosted and never responded to the man again. The man did a google search and found the old review of Jennifer. Now he feels that Jennifer was just using him and lying to him the entire time.

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