Is Jennifer Plageman a player?

Jenn plageman saint patty's day
Name: Jennifer Nicole Plageman
Other Names: Jenn Plageman
Physical Description: 6’0 tall dark hair
Phone: 859-803-6844  

Review: Matched her online and we texted a bunch. Never talked to her and when we were supposed to meet she ghosted. I tried texting and calling but nothing. I don’t know if she is a scam or a player hoping you guys can tell me the truth.

We found proof that Jenn Plageman is a real person so do you think she is a player? Know anything else about her? Leave a comment below.


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2 Replies to “Is Jennifer Plageman a player?”

  1. I think she is one of those artsy types that has something mentally wrong with her. She can be fine and just in the middle of talking to her she will blow up and go nuts for no reason. She always has an excuse and you can’t believe anything she says

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