Is Jennifer Christoforidis a player or a cheater?

Name: Jennifer Christoforidis
Physical Description: fake breasts
Location: Florence Kentucky USA
Birthday: 1979
Phone: 859-304-2962

Jennifer Christoforidis met a man online and they talked a lot. Jennifer sent him lots of pics of her topless and they made plans to meet for sex. Then Jennifer didn’t show up. He says lots of times they talked she seemed drunk or high.

Update August 2019: A second man contacted us and the texts show Jennifer said she wanted  someone that she could have sex with that would buy her alcohol and marijuana. She also mentioned that she was in a relationship with a man that was physically and mentally abusive and she needed help to get away. Jennifer sent him some of the same nude pics that she had sent the other man. They made plans to meet but Jennifer never showed up. The man saw her on Tinder a few months later and she said she had decided to stay with the abusive man. He asked why she was on Tinder and she stopped responding.

Do you think Jennifer Christoforidis is a player or a cheater?

4 Replies to “Is Jennifer Christoforidis a player or a cheater?”

  1. Jennifer got busted by going out parting without her ex husband Alex. Alex was searching for her and called hospitals. Her parents. Finally he used find my iPhone and tracker her to a house. He went there and saw her car. He saw an open door and went inside. He heard the final rhythm of a massive ejaculation (creampie) and went upstairs toward the sound. He found Jennifer and the guy. A fight broke out and Alex knocked him out and he helped Jennifer get dressed. The rest is history.

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