Is Jennifer Christoforidis a player or a cheater?

Name: Jennifer Christoforidis
Physical Description: fake breasts
Location: Florence Kentucky USA
Birthday: 1979
Phone: 859-304-2962

Jennifer Christoforidis met a man online and they talked a lot. Jennifer sent him lots of pics of her topless and they made plans to meet for sex. Then Jennifer didn’t show up. He says lots of times they talked she seemed drunk or high.

Update August 2019: A second man contacted us and the texts show Jennifer said she wanted someone that she could have sex with that would buy her alcohol and marijuana. She also mentioned that she was in a relationship with a man that was physically and mentally abusive and she needed help to get away. Jennifer sent him some of the same nude pics that she had sent the other man. They made plans to meet but Jennifer never showed up. The man saw her on Tinder a few months later and she said she had decided to stay with the abusive man. He asked why she was on Tinder and she stopped responding.

Do you think Jennifer Christoforidis is a player or a cheater?

9 Replies to “Is Jennifer Christoforidis a player or a cheater?”

  1. Jennifer got busted by going out parting without her ex husband Alex. Alex was searching for her and called hospitals. Her parents. Finally he used find my iPhone and tracker her to a house. He went there and saw her car. He saw an open door and went inside. He heard the final rhythm of a massive ejaculation (creampie) and went upstairs toward the sound. He found Jennifer and the guy. A fight broke out and Alex knocked him out and he helped Jennifer get dressed. The rest is history.

  2. Worked with her at Amazon last year. She likes to unload the trucks. With her small frame and big boobs I never understood how she could do it. [comment edited for TOS] When I returned I was told she had retired and hadn’t seen her since.

  3. Went to school with Jennifer. She is a mess and starves herself only to replace food with vodka and Valium. She keeps photos of her with black eyes and looks for sympathy and attention by portraying herself as a tiny victim. Do a background check and see who has the domestic violence charges…hmm. She has no morals or values friendship. I thought after so many years she would stop trying to get with the same men as me, but it never fails. Preparing to separate from my daughter’s father after 9 years, Jennifer and I were still friends and she got me too with the sympathy abused woman. As she was “being emotionally supportive” towards me, at the EXACT same time she was messaging my ex before he had even moved out.. she was ready to meet up with him and have sex. I’ve been with my spouse for 4 years now; however prior to us meeting he had already met Jennifer one time as she was given a hearty divorce settlement that paid off the house … but she needed some help because she had never mowed her lawn. When he arrived, he admitted he was looking forward to meeting her, was attracted to her and felt bad she was physically abused so he offered to help check out her lawn mower. The details provided are simple. She had red lipstick smeared all around her mouth, chain smoker, and was carrying 2 glasses of clear liquid ( one water one vodka). She was hardly able to function and converse with. Upon taking a look at her lawn mover – nothing was wrong she wasn’t pulling the safety bar back when trying to start it. ‍♀️. They stopped talking because she is a train wreck and a relationship with Jennifer would be one where you are a babysitter. Several months later after hearing he and I were dating and getting serious she randomly sent nude pictures asking about her breast size. He said she had sent pictures before but never nude. He forwarded the picture to me and it was most definitely her with some boots on and topless. She continues a toxic relationship and will always be searching for someone to flirt with. She has cheated , she’s a liar and I don’t see how she properly takes care of her children. WHATEVER YOU DO-WEAR PROTECTION!! She’s been around and many times so intoxicated she can’t remember.

  4. The cheater Jennifer had abandoned her only daughter. She refuses to be part of her life and hasn’t seen her in 8 years. She’s a complete train wreck white trash. She is a hoe who will sleep with anyone with drugs.

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