Is Jehn Cinnamon a player?


Name: Jehn Cinnamon
Other Names: Jehn Neth and  newbiejmc
Email: moc.o1686144588ohay@1686144588cnhej1686144588
Phone: 5133248441
Dating Profiles:

Jehn met a man online and they agreed to go out on a date. The man says they had a good time and made plans for another date but Jehn stopped calling before the date happened. He also said Jehn was much larger than her pics led him to believe. She had described herself as a “few extra pounds” but the man said that was a lie and she was almost obese.

Update 2015:Another man says he met Jen more than a year ago on Craigslist and told him she was into BDSM. They talked and made plants to meet several times but she kept breaking dates. He also said that none of the pics she sent showed below her shoulders so she may be very big.

2 Replies to “Is Jehn Cinnamon a player?”

  1. Classmates, friends and haters nicknamed her Giant Jehn. Buyer beware with this sociopath. She will ruin your life, Drain your bank accounts and try to have you arrested when you leave her.

  2. Wow you really do know her Jared. She is a complete blood-sucking sociopath. I don’t care what she says, anyone her age with 4 kids by 3 dads who doesn’t work and still lives with her mom – should tell you something. If you are interested in her, ask her how many lawsuits she has filed against her exes? A special kind of karma is going to get that nut job.

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