Is Janet Moncada Mcadoo a Crazy or a Player?

Name: Janet McAdoo
Physical Description: 5’5 blond
Birthday: June 1972
Location: Perinton New York USA
Phone Number: 585-750-1705‬
Janet met a man online and they exchanged phone numbers but Janet would only text. She would never answer her phone or video chat. As everyone knows this is a sign of a scam so the man suggested they meet. Janet said she would meet if the man told her his full name and private info so that she could do a background check on him. The man said he would share his info if Janet shared hers and Janet refused.
Janet said that she did not give out her private info because it made it easier for her to ghost men and she admitted to not showing up for dates on various occasions. The man asked Janet why she treated people that way and Janet said other people didn’t matter, only what she wanted matters.
The man wasn’t sure if Janet was a player or a scammer so he asked us to help. Janet is a real person in New York and the text messages were sent from her phone number.
Do you think Janet Moncada Mcadoo is a crazy or a player?

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