Is Jamie “Bambam” Jeffries a scammer or a cheater?

Other Names: Jamie Bambam
Birthday:July 16 1985
Physical Description: dark hair, man bun, tribal tattoo on shoulder
Location: Kitchener – Waterloo Ontario and Churchill Ontario Canada
Email: moc.l1685481947iamg@168548194758sei1685481947reffe1685481947jcj1685481947 , moc.l1685481947iamg@168548194796sei1685481947reffe1685481947jcj1685481947
Phone: (519) 503-6878
Instagram: james_bambam_jefferies
Twitter: JamesJe62618602
KIK: _bam_bam_69
Dating Profiles: @Badoo =Jamie Jefferies,

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Review: According to the review (and other websites) Jamie Jeffies stole money from a senior citizen and cheated on his girlfriend. The report also says he was in jail for domestic violence but we were unable to find any links confirming his arrest or conviction.

Do you think Jamie “Bambam” Jeffries is a criminal or a cheater? Leave a comment below.

(the original report has not been published because the woman reporting it was in emotional distress and unable to write clearly. The information posted is a summary of what she provided and info found through other sources)

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  1. I have never heard such bullshit in my life.

    [parts of this comment have been removed because they are not about the person reviewed in the post]

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