Is Jamie Bressler a crazy or a player?

Name: Jamie Bressler
Birthday: September, 1984
Physical Description: 5’10, thick body and very large chest
Location: Columbus Ohio USA
Phone: 770-330-1504

Review: Jamie is a liar and is emotionally disturbed. Her house stinks because she has a little dog she lets pee all over the place and then laughs about it. She is into fetish sex and enjoys being tied up and spanked. Then she lies about men and tells people they abuse her. Jamie tries to destroy their lives. If you want to keep your job and your life intact stay away from her.

3 Replies to “Is Jamie Bressler a crazy or a player?”

  1. I had a run in with her also. She didn’t strike me as the crazy type. She did lie to me though. We had plans for tomorrow night and this weekend now she won’t call me back. If I end up not meeting her I will update this

  2. So what happened? Sad to see she is still a train wreck after all these years

  3. She is really a nice person when she isn’t drinking but she had definitely has a problem and if you mention it to her she goes nuts

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