Is Jennifer Gadegbeku moc.l1686144243iamg@168614424390eme1686144243xs1686144243 a player?

Name:  Jennifer Gadegbeku
Email: moc.l1686144243iamg@168614424390eme1686144243xs1686144243
Twitter: SxeMe09

The emails she sent shows she was writing a guy and claimed she wanted to have sex with him. When he asked what she looked like she sent the blurry photo above. He wasn’t sure which one she was so he asked her for a description and better photo and she refused to send anymore. Then she wanted to know about the “compensation” she would be getting if she did have sex with him.

He says he wasted a lot of time on her and she wouldn’t share any info about herself and then it sounded like she was a “prostitute” (his words). So we did some searching and found this photo

We know you Americans like your big girls but do big girls really get paid for sex?

Update April 2015:
Another man wrote us and said he had dated Jennifer in the past and she was cheating on him. He thinks she did have sex with guys for money. He provided link to her Facebook account

3 Replies to “Is Jennifer Gadegbeku moc.l1686144243iamg@168614424390eme1686144243xs1686144243 a player?”

  1. This website is super lame..anybody can say whatever they want and defame people..these loser guys obviously have too much time on their hands and come to this whack site when they dont get what they grow up and stop calling women prostitutes just because u could not get any..The person who posted this ad is most likely some creepy ugly old man who has to pay for sex in the first place. Either that or a scorned ex either way this website is definitely for losers who cannot keep their women happy.this website should b changed to "I am incompetent in some way as a man so I have turned to this loser website to tell lies."

  2. You are partially correct. People could make things up which is why we require proof in the form of emails or other things. We saw the emails that Jennifer Gadegbeku moc.l1686144243iamg@168614424390eme1686144243xs1686144243 sent to another that back up those claims. We merely report what others send to us and allow the reader to decide.

    Of course if Jennifer Gadegbeku wanted to fight these claims she could take us to court but then those emails would be legal evidence and she would have to explain her actions and why she doesn't consider them prostitution.

  3. Myself and two other women who you've included on your blogs have decided to pool our resources to retain an attorney. He told us during our consultation conference call that we have a good case based on the libelous and slanderous statements on your blogs, as well as your using our images without our authorization. He said this could have both civil and criminal consequences for you.

    Our next step is to meet in person with our attorney to put the ball in motion to get your IP information from the blog administrators and your personal informatioin from your ISP so that we can begin using your name and address on the court filings in your jurisdiction.

    If these blogs are not taken down by the time we have to make our first payment to the attorney, we will be moving forward with this.

    Thank you.

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