Is Hayley B. aka moc.o1686144369ohay@1686144369380by1686144369elyah1686144369 a cheater?

Name: Hayley B
Email: moc.o1686144369ohay@1686144369380by1686144369elyah1686144369

According to reported emails Hayley wrote a guy about coming to his hotel room to for sexual fun, but then she never showed up. According to the guy he later found out she is married and cheating on her husband and that is why she couldn’t sneak out.

Does anyone know anything else about her?

Update: Hayley wrote us and at first said the pics were stolen. Then when we confronted her about the emails with a man she had planned to cheat with she demanded we remove the pics anyway. Then she said that someone got her password and faked the emails. The man has since offered other evidence of text messages and phone calls with her.

5 Replies to “Is Hayley B. aka moc.o1686144369ohay@1686144369380by1686144369elyah1686144369 a cheater?”

  1. Had the same experience. She wanted to do something sexual, claimed she was going to show up, claimed she did show up, but never contacted me. She is a cheater and a fake but mostly just insecure probably.

  2. Had the same experience with her. She will make you pay for a room and not show up. What was she going to charge you guys?

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