Is Deborah Finnerty a player?

Name: Deborah Finnerty aka Deborah Koftin  aka mizzdebba
Email: and

Deborah responding to an ad saying that she was interested in dating and all of the normal things. Then just never showed up for dates and generally wasted the man’s time and money.

Update: A few days later and a different man wrote us to say he had the same problems with Deborah. He also had more pics of her along with her Facebook and twitter account.

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  1. She answered my personal ad.From the start it was clear she had some issues so I just asked her what was up. Said she had been abused by her ex. She would freak out about the craziest stuff and go into tirades about everything Then she told me she wanted a guy to live with and basically be her sugardaddy so I blew her off.

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