Is Ashley Madison trying to scam the Fakebusters?

In other postings we shared reports readers had sent to us about strange profiles and possible scams that the adult dating website seemed to not only be encouraging, but possibly perpetrating.

We have no idea if this is really true, only reported it so that you can decide for yourself. Those reports are:

Proof of the Ashley Madison Scam?
Looking for information about possible Ashley Madison Scams
Is Ashley Madison a Scam?
and the biggest one of all
Ashley Madison Admits to Creating FAKE PROFILES!

For more than a year our readers replied. Literally dozens of emails and comments, screenshots and more. Almost everyone with a story about how they had been scammed either while on or that they felt it was itself enacting the scams.

Then a strange thing happened. After years of negative comments and emails we received 3 positive comments. The comments we could track came from users based in the Toronto Canada area which is where is headquartered.

That got us to thinking. After years of negative comments and evidence that lead many to believe Ashley Madison is a scam, why would we suddenly get positive comments with no supporting evidence from people who are in the same area as the employees of Ashley Madison.

Do you think Ashley Madison is trying to scam us?

3 Replies to “Is Ashley Madison trying to scam the Fakebusters?”

  1. creates all kinds of fake profiles so they are probably leaving fake comments here to. I will email you people the proof.

  2. I busted them using pictures of the model Irina Shayk but listed her as Hispanic and living in Florida. Oh and 3 years OLDER than she really is. I've got screen shots and links if anyone cares.

  3. I cannot speak for the guest accounts but as for the membership account I know it to be genuine, I have hooked up with several women through the site, my guess would be those that have had a bad experience would probably assume the site is fake like so many of the other acclaimed sites

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