Is Ida Turner a player?

Name: Ida Turner
Location: Louisville Kentucky and Nashville Tennessee
Phone: 502-468-9067

Ida met a guy on Tinder. The report shows they exchanged numbers, talked and agreed to meet at her hotel. The day of their date he texted and she never responded. He said she had a strange accent like she was from New Zealand but doesn’t remember where.
Is Ida a player?


5 Replies to “Is Ida Turner a player?”

  1. I think you and your kind belong under bridges where you come from. You prey on others’ crushed spirits and angry disappointment to gain some sense of self-importance through this piddly little WordPress template you call a ‘website’! You front yourself as one who makes the world safer from “cheaters, fakes and players” using words like “mediation, volunteer work, charities and penance” but all you do is make the world UGLY.
    You and your kind ARE UGLY. You are EXACTLY what I warn my daughter about every day, in as many ways as I can. Men like you are vile! How do I know that you are a man? Mmm, let’s see… 90% of your victims (and by that I mean your ‘cheaters, fakes and players’ as you refer to us) are women!
    “Is Ida Turner a Player?” Damn straight I am! A player out here in the real game of life contributing in a positive way to society! A single mom who puts a roof over her family’s head and food in the fridge by earning my dollar, not some believe ‘bitcoins’!
    People like you camouflage yourselves in others’ pain, using it as your life preservers until you can afford your next pack of smokes. You call this site ‘Karma’? Let me educate you on Karma. Are you listening? Ok, take your eyes off your screen and look around you. See how sad your little life really is? THAT is karma.
    You have exactly until 6AM Monday morning to remove this posting.

  2. Sounds like you’re pretty guilty. Little girls who play games on Tinder and dating sites and waste guys’ time are UGLY, bioch. Coming on here and threatening people and trying to justify your little games isn’t working. You’re just like thousands of other chicks who get some sort of joy out of wasting people’s time.

  3. Is this serious? Just came across this website.. Tf is this? Looks like a rip off of the website “The Dirty” here in Canada except wayyyy more tame. So Ida blew off a Tinder date, fucking cry about it, no one would give a fart if she even slept with him and then decided to blow him off after the fuck and chuck, it’s fucking Tinder, boo hoo! You guys should take this down, it’s pathetic haha

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