How to tell if an email address is fake

You can find out more info about an email address by clicking the “Show Details” link in most email boxes (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail_.

Here are a few tips to tell if the email address is fake.

The Name and Address Don’t Match
For example the name says Sarah Carvalho but the email address is moc.l1679489227iamto1679489227h@8cv1679489227t2nos1679489227rapjy1679489227llek1679489227

The Reply To Address
The “reply to address” is where your email is sent when you respond. Many spammers use a different email address for incoming mail than they did for outgoing mail. That is so when their account gets reported and canceled, their other account can still get your reply.

Here is an example

The Email Address Age
Yahoo and Microsoft (Live, Hotmail) both automatically create a profile for every email user. If the email address is new, its probably a fake.

For example, if the email address is moc.o1679489227ohay@1679489227760981679489227881eo1679489227denaj1679489227
You can check Yahoo by going to “” Replace janedoe18889067 with the user name of the person that emailed you.

I can’t remember how to do it on Hotmail so if someone will leave a comment, I will add that.

Do you have any tips on how to spot a fake email address? Leave a comment!

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