Hollaye Heskett aka moc.o1695433611ohay@1695433611acitc1695433611alag.1695433611sedap1695433611seltt1695433611ab1695433611 a player?

Name: Hollaye Heskett aka Kitty aka  Hollayethemessiah
Email: battlespades.galactica@yahoo.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/_/794750296

Kitty was reported to us as a man that contacted a couple about swapping his girlfriend. The man included several photos, some of which were of a woman nude. When the couple responded asking for proof that this girlfriend was real and she knew he was offering to trade her to strange men, the guy stopped responding. In one of her pictures she is wearing a name tag but we cannot make out her real name. If anyone else can please leave a comment below.

Update: We received another response about Kitty. It seems someone from the same email address wrote claiming to be the woman and wanting to have casual sex and describing herself as “small BBW. 5’9” 200, 38DD italian, brown hair, brown eyes”. The small big beautiful woman made us laugh. Not only because in our opinion its just an unrealistic thing to say but because that should have been a warning to the guy that something wasn’t right and not to waste his time.

Hollaye wrote a few more emails but when he tried making plans to meet her she stopped responding. That is when he found her on here. He included more photos which we used to update the album below.

So is Hollaye playing games?

Update November 2012: Another man contacted us saying Hollaye did the same thing to him and sent the pics we added to the album below.

Update Sept 2013: A guy sent us emails showing that Hollaye contacted him through Craigslist. They talked about having sex and even meeting but Hollaye never showed up.

Hollaye moc.o1695433611ohay@1695433611acitc1695433611alag.1695433611sedap1695433611seltt1695433611ab1695433611

7 Replies to “Hollaye Heskett aka moc.o1695433611ohay@1695433611acitc1695433611alag.1695433611sedap1695433611seltt1695433611ab1695433611 a player?”

  1. Is it a guy trolling for a pics or a woman? or—the more logical explanation, someone posing as her and using her pics to get back at her! LOL @ any grown adult doing this to someone. Not that I would EVER, get on craigslist, but it's more reason for people to NOT TO WANT TO meet anyone on craigslist PERIOD.

  2. The person reporting her also confirmed provided other details such as texts messages that proved it was her and not someone pretending to be her.

  3. Anyway, it's actually really shitty to leave someones first/last name in a comment because you're upset no one showed up for sex…. Really? Can we please act our age. I would NEVER think of doing this to anyone. Not to mention, you never know who is playing games as that person trying to make their lives miserable. Do I have an upset boyfriend? Upset people in my life???? Like grow up. Honestly.

  4. just because someone doesn't actually end up meeting for sex doesn't mean they're fake. can you please take this down? i can assure you i'm 100% real but I have people posting craigslist ads about me who do not like me. thanks.

  5. lol b/c TXT MESSAGES, really prove that someone isn't fake. I mean, isn't that why this is on here in the first place? Because you don't know for sure?

    In any case, how childish.

  6. As we say, the people that report her provided other information that prove it her. Not just text messages. We are glad everyone is interested in her though. To help make it easier for people to find her we will move her to the knew website soon.

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