Hazel Brenee Schuler

Name: Hazel Brenee Schuler
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hbschuler
Email: moc.l1686139282oa@lr1686139282ugtnM1686139282

According to the emails forwarded to us Hazel likes to go through the personal ads and respond to guys calling them names and being what some have called “a bitchy old woman”. Normally we don’t list people like this but she must do it a lot because she was reported by two different men. And as one pointed out, the guys she is nice might want to be warned about how psycho she really may be.

We looked and found some pictures of her. Do you think she is she is an old, unattractive obese woman that no one wants and that is why she is nasty to strangers?

4 Replies to “Hazel Brenee Schuler”

  1. i got an email from her telling me I was not handsome nor a man (i get plenty of chicks) i sent back show your face and got nothing back i am sure this is the same trick…ouch bitch…

  2. Maybe she just calls out guys on CL who are cheating on their wives ??? I do it all the freakin time. SO WHAT !!! You guys should not broadcast your assumptions…it makes you look really stupid. Could also lead to a lawsuit…

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