Is Erin Regan Stergiou a player?

Name: Erin Regan
Other Names: Erin Stergiou
Location: Norwalk, Connecticut
Facebook: and

The messages show Erin met a man on Tinder and they talked some about hooking up and having sex. They made plans to meet but Erin never showed and unmatched him on Tinder.

Is Erin a player?



6 Replies to “Is Erin Regan Stergiou a player?”

  1. Erin regain is a depressed psychotic loser who has been in and out of the psych ward at Norwalk hospital. She’s a liar and a sociopath

  2. Yes it true . April 2014 psych ward at Norwalk hospital not to mention countless other psychotic behaviors At taken men.

  3. [comment edited to remove parts that are not about person being reviewed] I was not at Norwalk Hospital in any capacity at that time. My name is not even spelled correctly.

  4. I don’t know about the hospital part but I know the standing me up for a date part is true. I sent them the messages and pictures as proof.

  5. Those pictures are from summer of 2015. I have never not showed up for a date. I may have unmatched someone but never let someone wait for me and just not showed up.

    This was two years ago. Why do you care anymore? And besides I am pretty sure I know exactly who this is. If you want to have a conversation or reschedule a date maybe text me. This way is just rude

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