Is Erin Green a player or a cheater?

Name: Erin Green
Physical Description: white woman blonde hair green eyes  5’4, 135 36C , 27 waist, tattoo on her hip, nose piercing
Location: Cincinnati Ohio USA
Phone Number: 513-600-7989
Erin Green met a man on tinder and they exchanged sex messages. The messages she sent show she was in a relationship and she told the man that she wanted to have rough sex and sex with new men. She also sent the man nude photos.  They made plans to meet for sex but then never showed up to meet the man. Screenshots show the man tried texting Erin again but she never responded.
Do you think Erin Green is cheating or a player?
Update September 2022: Another man met Erin Green on Bumble. Screenshots of their messages show they did not talk about sex but did have plans for a date. Erin ghosted before their date and then the man found Erin her and contacted us.

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