Is Erica Petroff a player?

Name: Erica Petroff
Other Names:
Physical Description: 5’1, 105, 32D
Location: Sparta Kentucky USA
Phone: 502-750-2020

Erica met a man on the dating app Tinder. From the messages we saw they talked about sex and Erica told him she liked to be used for her body. They agreed to meet but before they could Erica stopped responding  to messages.
Is Erica a player?


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3 Replies to “Is Erica Petroff a player?”

  1. Definitely sounds like the Erica I knew. She told me she HD been in a bad relationship so she hated liars and games and needed someone she could trust. Then we made plans to meet and she ghosted on me. Why were the dates she ws cheating on you? I am wondering if it was when she was feeding me her lies.

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