Is Emily Bockelman a player?

Name: Emily Bockelman
Email: moc.l1679857339iamg@16798573398891.1679857339b.elm1679857339
Location: Cincinnati, OH USA

According the emails that were forwarded to us email wrote a guy wanting to date and hook up. When they made plans for a date she kept canceling before he gave up. He forwarded us emails with nude pics that she claimed to have taken just for him but we noticed the date code showed they were taken weeks or months before they even met.



2 Replies to “Is Emily Bockelman a player?”

  1. She sent me the same pics and told me she had just taken them for me!!! We talked for a few weeks and we were supposed to meet a few times after she got off work at Home Depot but she never showed up. Now I know why, she is a liar and a player!!!!!

  2. Wow, I used to work with her and I knew she was cheating, just never thought she was this bad.

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