Is Diane Kowalski from Bolingbrook a crazy?

Name: Diane Kowalski
Other Names:
Birthday: 1974
Physical Description:
Location: Bolingbrook Illinois USA
Dating Profiles:

Other Links:

From the messages we saw Diane Kowalski contacted a man online. They had never talked to before. Diane immediately starts talking about how men are deceitful and play games with women. The man thinks that if Diane opens a conversation that way she must be mentally ill. He politely tells her he isn’t interested. That is when Diane starts harassing him that he must be a liar and a cheater also. The man had to block her and wants to warn others about her.

We noticed that her profile says she doesn’t like complainers but she was complaining about men. Does that make Diane a hypocrite? Many of the pictures she posts are more than 2 years old and not what she looks like now. Does that make Diane deceiptful?

Is Diane Kowalski a crazy? Does anyone have another other information about her?

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