Is Diana Strange a player or a fake?

Name: Diana Strange
Other Names:  Dina178, Diana TSV
Email: moc.l1686143762iamg@1686143762vst.a1686143762naid1686143762

We received two reports about Dina just about a week apart. The first one she replied to a guys ad by insulting him and calling him names. The second one she answered with strange questions and the guy pointed out, nothing that was asked for in his ad. Neither of her responses had a pic attached.

So we did some digging and above is the only pic we could find and she is supposedly from Grozny which is the capital of Chechny. Is she one of those over seas spammers? Or is she just a player?

Update: A reader alerted us to her profile which we have made a screenshot of below. It is very strange so we still aren’t sure if she is a fake or a game player. It reads

About Me

POF is forcing me to write a description. There is nothing really interesting to write. I am your average human being with sometimes very irrational, imaginary plans for ruling the world, traveling to outer space, admitting distant relation to quantum space lifeforms and other similar deviations. In my spare time i like reading, thinking, running, playing tennis. If i were you i’d think twice before contacting me because if you are not smart, sarcastic or self deprecating i will probably not respond.

P.S. I am not a beauty myself, but before you message me, PLEASE do look in the mirror first…some are plainly scary looking. Symmetry should rule the world – otherwise my OCD goes into overdrive.


First Date

You’ll take me to the moon on a white unicorn. There, we will have wine and cheese and discuss the sad affair of humanity in the company of fellow aliens. Maybe we will even watch/participate in some alien orgies. Will Smith is NOT invited. By the time we will get back home you will fall in love with me and then we will live long and peaceful life somewhere on a farm surrounded by our 14 kids. Happy end 🙂


Update January 2020: Another user contacted us and reported that her name is actually Diana Strange and Dina is a fake name she uses. He also sent screenshots showing she had liked him on a dating app but when he sent her a message she acted crazy and sent weird messages that made no sense.

14 Replies to “Is Diana Strange a player or a fake?”

  1. Got lucky….thankfully. I have no idea how I stumbled onto your site. I was probably investigating a name…actually, it was…I remember now…it was that girl from Wal-Mart…cute, young blonde. I almost always investigate. So I saw her name in a google entry and hit your site and there she was. Cool site. I've gotten emails from some of the fakes on here.

  2. She wrote my ad last night. The same rubbish as the rest of you have reported. Quite a sad, bitter little woman.

  3. She is at the Brueggers near the UofCincy campus on Sunday mornings.

    Saw her profile awhile back, then saw her while I was waiting for a bagel a a couple weeks ago

    She is oddly thin and you feel that just looking at her would snap her in half. Like TINY petite. Don't waste your time.

  4. She isn't a fake but she is an odd egg. She isn't lying about the OCD (I don't know if it diagnosed or self-diagnosed), but that oddity is only strengthened by the communication barrier of idiom etc. She is a transplant from Grozny and is obsessed with financial issues and politics. Extremely tiny as the above said. Not a player so much as unable to have a normal interaction with people

  5. Wow. Her Facebook page is full of posts calling for the extinction of the human race and WWIII. She is a lifetime student looking for someone to use. She is 35 and still lives with parent and getting ready to graduate with a psych degree I think…and is already planning to go back to school for nursing or human resources. Says she likes traditional gender roles…which means she wants a guy to support her while she psychotically rants on the internet about economic issues that she hardly understands and puts down the United States…go back to your own country if you are going to hate America.

  6. Wooooooow, seems you are obsessed with her!! hah Guys,please, do not be intimidated by a woman who is smart. Looks like she rejected someone, and someone got mad.:))) FUNNY!!!

  7. I know her. She is a great girl. I assume everyone who writes bad about her are just haters. She probably told you off, you all sound bitter.

    Whoever left the last post. Wow, did she reject you or something? Btw, her posts are not about putting down United States, she writes about corruption on Wall Street and population control. You guys all sound bitter, go get laid or get a life.

  8. I admire this Dina.

    I think most of all, she needs to be heard.

    She has a Facebook page.

    Read it.

  9. I take it back….

    I don't admire her anymore.

    She has a sick fascination with animal abuse,

    And is very unforgiving toward her fellow man.

  10. I actually did look her up. Didn't see any "sick fascination with animal abuse" but did see someone who wants to bring attention to how horribly animals are treated by humans.

    And rightly so.

    Smart gal, btw.

  11. She is on the dating app hinge using the name Diana Strange. She liked me and so I wrote back. After about a week I hadn’t heard from her so I tried again. She went off saying that she never liked me and just psycho for me asking if she was still around.

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