Is Danielle Brashear a player?

Name: Danielle Brashear
Email: moc.o1675258125ohay@1675258125oller1675258125ssim1675258125
Location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA

The emails we have a little hard to understand because in most of the messages she doesn’t respond or it seems like she is confused about which guy she is talking to.

What we could figure out is that Danielle met a guy online, made plans to have sex with him. Went to his house and we don’t think they had sex but while she was there she kept texting a different guy.

With that and being confused about which guy she is talking to, do you think she is a player?

7 Replies to “Is Danielle Brashear a player?”

  1. Danielle is def a player and she is crazy. She came over to my place, been cuddling, touchy, making out n stuff with me and wanted sex bad but all of sudden she flipped out and took off walking for home

  2. Her location is Ross, OHIO or Fairfield, OHIO (not pittsburgh, PA) She is active around Cincinnati, OH and sometimes in Indianapolis area. Has extreme anger issues, probably bipolar too. She changes profile often, openly invite guys from online to come hangout with her in hotels or at her home. Here is another profile of her

  3. She’s a their and a drug addiction. She stole my grandfather’s pocket watch that was an antique. She was messing with my son when she did this. If anyone has an address for her please reach out to me I want my family heirlooms back!

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