Is Dana Lee Wagner a player?

Name: Dana Lee Wagner
Other Names: Dayna Wagner
Physical Description: 5’6, 135 36C
Location: Denver Colorado and Manitou Beach Michigan USA
Phone: 303-880-8425

Dana met a man on Tinder. She told him she was into really kinky sex and just looking for a hookup. She texted him x-rated pics we cannot post. They made plans to meet several times but each time Dana canceled. The messages show the man paid for a hotel room for them to meet at because she wasn’t comfortable coming to his house. Dana didn’t show again and stopped responding to his text messages. The messages also show she told him her name was “Dayna” with a y but the records we found are without the Y.

Is Dana Lee Wagner a player?

5 Replies to “Is Dana Lee Wagner a player?”

  1. She’s well known! We think she has mental issues and may have STI’s that she does not disclose. My advice is to stay away from her at all cost.

  2. Dana this website told me you want to talk to me. Why would I want to talk to you? All you did was play games with me and tell me lies before. The only reason you care now is because people are finding out what kind of person you really are

  3. Mr.Anonymous, please reach out to me since you have my number. This web page just came to me and I see it is 5 or 6 years old. I am unsure of who it is, that is why I contacted the website. If you feel that I did you wrong I am sorry.

  4. You don’t remember who I am? How many guys did you send dirty pics and videos too? How many guys did you make plans to meet at a hotel and then ghost?

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