Is Courtney Michelle Wuilleumier moc.l1679486675iamg@1679486675reimu1679486675elliu1679486675wc1679486675 a player?

Name:  Courtney Michelle Wuilleumier
Email: moc.l1679486675iamg@1679486675reimu1679486675elliu1679486675wc1679486675 and moc.o1679486675ohay@1679486675reimu1679486675elliu1679486675wyent1679486675ruoc1679486675
Birthday: 1991

Have you ever seen the website We have to say, Courtney is one of the most attractive Wal-Mart employees we have ever seen. And that could be why we have had two different men send us reviewsof her.

Originally she was on the possible player list because we saw emails that showed she lied to a guy and led him on. She gets her own mention because we got a second report from a guy that had actually dated her and suspected she was cheating or just using him. Anyone out there know anything about Courtney Wuilleumier?

Update: Someone claiming to be Courtney contacted us and claimed that another person had stolen her identity and she had never done the things reported. We did some checking and contacted the two men that reported her.

The man who claims Courtney had cheated said that she was attached to her phone and never put it down. That her phone was a Droid Razr 4G and he thought she used Verizon. The other guy said he had wasted enough time on her and he just wanted to warn people about her.

When we responded to Courtney and asked for some clarification she never responded.

5 Replies to “Is Courtney Michelle Wuilleumier moc.l1679486675iamg@1679486675reimu1679486675elliu1679486675wc1679486675 a player?”

  1. Courtney has contacted us and we did more research. We have found new information and are giving her a chance to respond before sharing what we have found out.

  2. Hello Anonymous!

    Thanks for commenting. The emails we have show that Courtney answered a personal ad and told the guy she was interested then blew him off. Maybe you not know that side of her but it true.

    She also contacted us and when we explained we had more info and wanted to hear from her she stopped responding. The info we have now shows she may have been lying to us too.

    If you do not believe us that is your choice.

  3. i know a lot about her, and none of this is true, guys just get it in their head that every girl out there has a crush on them,and then they freak out when they find out they have no interest in them. she is a really sweet girl, who has accomplished many things in her life

  4. Once a cheater always a cheater, has had this reputation for a long, long time

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