Courtney Leigh Cook aka Domino Diaz a player or a cheater?

Name: Courtney Cook
Other Names: Courtney McCourt, Courtney Leigh Cook and Domino Diaz
Location: Morrow, OH and Maineville, OH
Description: 5’9, 140 34D-30-37,
Email: moc.m1685825617ia@tu1685825617lucam1685825617miden1685825617ots1685825617 and moc.o1685825617ohay@168582561798ANk1685825617oocC1685825617
Phone: 5132829027 and 5132844318
Facebook: (now deleted)
Instagram: (now deleted)
KIK: dominod89
Dating Profiles:

According to the reviews from at least 3 different men, Courtney is a player and lies to use them for their money or cheat on them.

Update August 2015: More men have reported Courtney Cook. In a profile on Tinder she was posting old pics that the person who originally reported her sent us 3 years ago. One of the new reviews was that she planned to meet a man but never showed up. Another review was that she went out with a guy, got drunk and started a fight.

Note: Miss Cook has threatened to sue us as many people have. While we did not hear from her lawyers we have heard from many others. If you are considering a lawyer please read this.
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74 Replies to “Courtney Leigh Cook aka Domino Diaz a player or a cheater?”

  1. I read your post about her before I had a date with her. I think its important to make up my own mind about people. A lot of what is said here is true but she isn't a bad person. She shouldn't be dating but she can't help being really messed up in the head. I know a lot of guys will think she is easy but she isn't. She has to many issues to be a good girlfriend and she won't have sex with anyone so why not just leave her alone?

  2. So you have information about this girl that tells you she has been in mental hospitals, has scars from hurting herself and other various issues and your main concern is warning men she is a possible fake, player or cheater? What about the possiblity of pushing someone fragile over the edge – using unverified information that you got how exactly? From some asshole with a grudge? Idiot.

  3. We do verify the information and saw she admitted to cheating on the guy she was with at the time just because she didn't like him but still was using him. She since posting this we heard from another guy who that used him, led him on and then "blocked" him when he wouldn't do what she wanted.

  4. Thank you guys so very much I just started talking to this girl this weekend but after reading all.of your post I'm letting this one slide by.

  5. So cutting yourself and spending time in a mental institute is fun? That is the kind of woman most guys want to avoid and helping men avoid women that waste their time and cause trouble is what our blog is about.

  6. I have met this girl and went out with her. I will not get into details about her, but she is not out for sex and I don't think she says she is out for sex. I did not have sex with her and I did not ask her to. She did not "block" me. She did not ask me for money or try to scam me at all. I don't think she is a bad person either, but has had bad experiences like alot of people have had. I agree alot with the post on 6/7/12. I did not see her being dangerous during our time out. She is a good talker and she is pretty. And she is a nice woman even if she does have issues. In my thking, noone has to be worried about just going out and enjoying time spent with her. And to teh guys who are scared about meeting her I don't think you need to worry about it. She might not be in the right mind to be your girlfriend but that is not what she i s looking for. But she is not a fake or a player or a cheater that I know of. I don't know for sure about the cheating part but she is real. She does not date. I had a good time talking to her and being on the town with her. If you want a fun time without sex, she is fun to hang out with. She is nice.

  7. She is definitely a player and she is definitely trouble. I am not going to give details because I finally got her to leave me alone and I don't want her reading this and starting again. She didn't cheat on me but she did try playing me. When I didn't fall for it and busted her she went nuts! Blowing my phone up, texting all hours, saying crazy shit, threatening me. I was afraid I would have to call the cops.

  8. We met once and things went pretty badly. Then she answered the same ad as before and forgot who I was. When I sent her my pic she said she remembered and things we cool for awhile. She is pretty cool so I thought maybe our first date had just gone badly because she was drunk before I even showed up.

    Then one day it was pretty obvious she didn't remember me so I told her again. She went apeshit on me. Claiming I wrote all the stuff on here even though you guys posted it before I even met her and she never told me her real name. When I tried to point that out she blocked my email from her AOL account.

  9. She is fun, attractive, creative, strong minded, loving and highly intelligent. If you've said something negative about her its probably because you haven't taken the time to really know her. She's actually very wonderful. I have spent a significant amount of time with her and know that most of these guys on here are just plain intimidated, disrespectful and ignorant. If she actually liked you, she'd treat you like royalty.

  10. We appreciate your comments but it is hard to believe that they are genuine when we have verified at least three separate men that had the experiences listed above.

  11. I feel sorry for the guys who were "played" by her. There are important things about this young lady that I'm sure they did not venture to understand. We had a wonderful time together for a couple of months and she treated me with the utmost respect and although we went our separate ways it was great. She is one of a kind and if you got played by her then maybe you're not good at reading the signs. Domino prefers to not be the naive, dainty, and submissive girl guys are used to. I love that she is independent, a fighter, and charming. She won't be played by anyone and prefers mature, respectful and understanding people. Most guys like to pretend they have her figured out with this simplistic non-sense posted here but their naivety and inexperience are apparent. I'm sure whatever you think she did to you, you probably deserve. I know her that well.

  12. We have the emails from other men showing that Domino did mislead them and worse. In one a man said he didn't want to sleep with her until she got herself cleaned up and she accused him of trying to rape her. Most men do not want to risk being labeled a rapist even if it is by an alcoholic that admits to spending time in a mental institute. With everything we have seen we don't believe your comments are genuine.

  13. Talk about being disingenuous; a guy who refused to sleep with a girl who clearly doesn't sleep around but somehow gets accused of being a rapist?? What a laughable statement. That guy is either a saint or he is trying to beat her to the punchline before people find out what really happened. She is no more an alcoholic than a typical college student. And stop using the mental institute line, its such a cop out. She saw a therapist when she was in high school, big deal.

    This web site, although helpful in many other situations, is falsely accusing a misunderstood girl and siding with guys who clearly use the crazy card in order to explain their failure to connect with this beautiful and genuine girl. Trust me, if you were being a creep and an asshole to her, she would fuck you up, I wouldn't expect anything less from any girl I meet.

  14. I went out with her. I'm not even from this country. She asked me if i know this "fake buster website thing" and i said I've never heard of it, just because i didn't want to hurt her. Even thought I've seen all your bad comments in here, I decided to go and see her; because its important to make up my own mind about people. I didn't sleep with her and I wasn't planing to, I was going to see her as new friend.
    She's awesome, fun, attractive, creative, strong minded; I liked what she's doing, she doesn't care how people think about her and she is beautiful from outside as well as from the inside. I was lost in her blue eyes, honestly I could talk to her all day and I wouldn't get bored. She have lots of dreams but no one to support her. I think she's just been in the wrong place with the wrong people. She stop talking to me and ignore me; I know she didn't like me, but it's okay cause almost all American girls like guys who are from the same town; who treat them like crab.
    when I sleep I dream of her 🙂
    I really wish her all the best.

  15. Yeah… just had a run in with her myself… she was all into me one day and completely ignored me the next… serious issues!!

  16. I have met Dominio. She was not given the love that she needed as a child. This web site is total bullshit. I can't imagine what type of character assassination this web site is. If I were a lawyer, I would wipe this site off of the map.

  17. Domino has not been happy with working at New York New York Gentlemen's Club in Franklin, Ohio, so she asked somebody I know to take her to Diamond's. She auditioned to try to get a job there by taking part in a bikini contest. Who knows how well she did. Of course, she set up a date with my buddy who I will not identify. She cancelled the date by texting him and saying "Mind not txting me? Thx". End of the short-term friendship / relationship.

    Anyhow, my buddy told me that he stayed the night at her little cottage and her grandparents peeked in to check on her in the morning. Her mom called her five times until she was able to wake up. The end of the conversation ended in "I love you" from the mom.

    I don't understand all of this conversation on this web site, but I know my buddy was upset by being led on by this woman. I told him he would have been better off just paying the $100 for a one hour private show, but he was interested in getting to know her as a person. There is a person there but I just don't get it.

    My buddy has said that he fears that she will get trapped looking for money and end up in the porn industry. Hopefully this does not happen. The grandparents and parents need to step in and get this women some help ASAP.

  18. Courtney was on Craigslist advertising that she is "mutli-talented" and looking for work.

  19. Intelligent? Strong minded? Do all you rednecks live in the same small hick town? Courtney is a high school drop out who believes in astrology, yeah, her whorescope. S he believes in the "paranormal", but this might be a result of the TWO anti-depressant drugs she takes everyday. Do you notice how the majority of the comments state how she is sweet and cool one minute, then turns on you the next!? Are you familiar with "Bi-polar sickness"? The reason that she "doesn't care what people think" is because she has no self-dignity. She is extremely delusional and knows how to bullshit. Her mother, kelly, and father jerry were basically irresponsible young adults when she was concieved. I don't think either one of them even has a high school diploma. and as far as "independent" she basically has no bills or responsibility. Lives rent free. Sad because 15/20 years from now, instead of getting a college degree and finding a respecful career with prestige, she'll still be "singing" (if thats what she calls it) in some shit-hole bar/club. On that Craigslist add, she states that she is "multi-talented" and looking for work! Well, that proves just how delusional she really is. Looking for work???? I guess her many talents, including modeling, do not impress anyone. I feel sorry her. I hope that she gets the help that she so desperately needs, and perhaps somebody should enlighten her about the "Craigslist Murders" before it is to late. I can see her doing what Jody Arias did. Don't kid yourselves, you can't change her!

  20. Ali Ibdah says that he "got lost in her blue eyes" If he wanted to "be found", all he had to do is ask her to remove her "BLUE COLORED" contact lenses!This little girl is a real basket case. I can't figure out where she came up with that "original" idea to put "Born This Way" on the back of her jacket, or how she refers to acquaintances as "lovers". She would use "little monsters", but I think somebody already uses that! She is craving so much attention, not sure if she is just a big narcissist or just really lonely. I do not believe that she really knows the difference between reality and fantasy. She has created her own little world and refers to the people that watch her make a spectacle of herself as "fans". She does need psychiatric help, and maybe a change of scenery, far from the town and people that know her. I have never met a person so "lost".

  21. @Mark, You're a "client" of Courtneys? What is she, a lawyer, a psychologist? Lets keep it real here! She is a high-school drop-out! And how would you know, if somebody offered her "all the money in the world", that she wouldn't engage in sex with you? And using the word "professional" when talking about a call-girl, is ridiculous. And you have to pay somebody for attention??? LOL! Mark, you say that she makes you feel special? Dude, thats her freakin job! If she didn't do that, she wouldn't make any money, think about it! She makes EVERYBODY feel special, you're no different than any other "client", trust me! By the way,why do you think she resorted to this "profession"? This self-proclaimed, "multi-talented", lady Gaga wanna-be, couldn't find a real job/career if her life depended on it! Look, six/seven years from now, when you're still having to pay for companionship, old Courtney is still gonna be "singing" in those dive-bars telling suckers like you that she's gonna be a star someday, and gravity and age are gonna take its toll on her appearance which is average at best! You should see her without all that make-up! She is no angel, I don't no why you feel sorry for her. Read all the other posts. When she finds somebody new, you will be last weeks "burnt toast". Her parents, Jerry and Kelly must be so proud of their little girl, an escort! Boy thats something to write home about! One last thing,the guy who dated Jodi Arias, once thought that she was a really sweet girl that made him feel "special"! Bi-polar! Watch your back!

  22. Why do you have to post that picture showing Courtneys rolls of fat? Thats messed up!

  23. To the man claiming to be Kevin Diaz, you are welcome to repost your comments without the threats towards other posters and over use of foul language.

    Also, the point of this website is for men to warn others about people that they meet on the internet. Not solely cheaters but also liars, game players and crazies. We have seen emails where Courtney admitted much of what is claimed here. Of course it is up to everyone that reads this to make their own decision what to think of her.

  24. Kevin Rennick continued… To the administrator, I appreciate you didn't post the comment from a few days ago. It wasn't me, it was Courtney. Using my name to try and make herself look better. This IS ME!!! OBVIOUSLY Courtney would never want the world to know everything I do!

  25. THE 100% TRUTH PART#1
    I have been dating, engaged, and living with Courtney for the past 6mos. I can tell you she is certifiably NUTS! she has been hospitalized twice, she receives a s.s. check for her mental issues. Which include: bipolar, manic depression, self harm, and personality disorder. Her mom Kelly is her care provider. The checks go to her because Courtney can't take care of herself. As she gets older her mental health will only get worse, that's how it works! And at 24 its BAD! If she can't make decisions for herself financially, etc. Do you think she should be making health decisions for herself, and others sexually? NO! engaging in a sexual relationship with her is putting your health at risk. She doesn't use condoms, has been with HUNDREDS of partners. She solicits herself on craigslist. If you know her as domino Diaz YOU DONT KNOW HER! that's part of her personality disorder. Unless you have known her for 3mos. Or greater, I don't think you have the right to comment. Having an encounter with her as a "client" isn't knowing her! Or a one night stand with her. UNLESS she showed her true colors and acted crazy, then you will understand. When people are sick, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc. They get anti-biotics. Courtney is MENTALLY SICK and takes a cocktail of drugs for that. Mental illness isn't as easy to see. After reading this NOW YOU KNOW! hopefully, people will quit demeaning and degrading this twisted soul and leave her alone so she can get the help she needs! Courtneys arms, thighs, and chest are a sheet of scar tissue from digging her 3" pointed fingernails into herself. Her cheeks and jawline are nothing but red, blue, and purple, pot marks from doing the same. She takes hours to go anywhere because of all the make-up she has to wear. There will be a part two to this comment.

  26. Kevin Rennick continued…. Courtney is going to be irate when she sees this but I don't care. If the point of this site is for people to be aware of cheats and crazies then the world MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS WOMAN!!! I was told about this site by Courtney. And I thought like everybody else it was just a bunch of haters. WRONG!!! this girl is a MESS!!! I do genuinely care about Courtney and just want to see her get some help to hopefully medicate or resolve her issues. She currently takes a cocktail of medications but apparently they aren't working!!! So YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! Im sure you will let the wrong head do your thinking for you, and I hope you don't pay for it with your life or your freedom. This girl has threatened to kill me and to pay someone to kill me. She watches the show snapped nonstop while on her laptop posting craigslist ads all over the county trying to solicits herself to men, women, multiple men, couples. She is INSANE!!!!

  27. Kevin rennick continued… also you never know who you talking to, it isn't like its written on her forehead and get updated every second if its Courtney or domino or whoever else is in there at the time.
    Next is Courtney's self harms issues. Courtney has been clawing at herself with her 3" long filed to a point nails since age 12-13. She has made a MESS of herself!!! Her arms from the elbow to her shoulder is a solid sheet of scar tissue! The same goes for her chest, thighs, and without the pound of makeup she has to wear, her face is pot marked with red, blue, and purple scars COVERING her cheeks, and jaw line!!! Caused by digging her nails in her face!!! She has no clue why she does this and apparently can't control it. She does it no matter if she is happy, sad, depressed, it doesn't have any rhyme or reason. Personally my guess, its either Courtney trying to claw her way out of domino, or domino trying to claw her way out of Courtney. It all depends on who is inside, and who is on the surface. With make-up on, yes Courtney is beautiful! But without make-up she is a horribly disfigured mess!
    Courtney's hygiene? Courtney doesn't shower regularly and really never washes her hair. She get offended when someone is reluctant to perform oral sex on her, but even fresh out of the shower she's not "fresh"! I don't know if the amount of partners she has been with attributes to this? Or just her hygiene in general? But never the less oral with her is no fun! And she gets very offended if you don't.
    Courtney's violence? Since we have been together, Courtney has keyed my car, all the way around! Destroyed my house, assaulted me, gotten very short with my 2yr old son at times. Gave herself a black eye after assaulting me so I wouldn't have her arrested. Left once to go do a "dance" after we talked about the fact she was no longer going to do that once we were together. I have a 9yr. Old daughter and a son that just turned 3. So I don't want them seeing that behavior. Or my daughter to think dressing like a hooker and coming home at 230am is acceptable. Also who would be comfortable with someone they truly care about doing that? Only a pimp or a user, someone who doesn't care as long as he is getting what he wants from her. The guy Marc who posted above was the client that night. I seen his emails where he asked if she would have sex with him for $300 dollars. So mark, I wasn't trying to controlled her, I have a genuine fear for her safety, due to previous encourters she told me about. And no one would be comfortable with her doing that anyway. Mark also tried to use drugs to get Courtney to have sex with him after I kicked her out that evening for going. She later moved back in after realizing her mistakes.
    Why am I posting this you ask? As of 6-1-13 Courtney and I are not residing together. She had another mania episode and I just can't have that around my kids, I have custody of them and I am all they have. And I'm not going to tolerate that around them. We are still engaged pending Courtney gets some help!!! If she doesn't I will have to terminate our relationship. Obviously I didn't know everything about Courtney when I met her. And still don't. But if your reading this you have no excuse that you weren't warned about her! Courtney tells people about this site because she thinks stars have critics and she thinks she is a star. That's why she probably also directed you to her Facebook page of Domino Diaz entertainer. Its part of her deranged ego. She thinks she has "fans" not "friends". She thinks she's a pop diva. But she is just insane. She can't sing, doesn't play an instrument, the only thing she has is her sexuality.

  28. THIS IS A MUST RED My name is KEVIN RENNICK the REAL KEVIN RENNICK! Courtney cook has been residing with me for the last 5mos. We have been engaged for a little over the past month. What your about to read is 100% gods honest truth! I'm not a former "client" posting nice remarks to gain favoritism to get down Courtney's pants, I'm not a scorned ex boyfriend trying to discourage people from seeing her. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE KNOWS HER LIKE I DO! she has never had a prior relationship last longer than 2wks. With the exception of a two year "relationship" with Gary Diaz who is the one making a majority of the negative comments on here. A relationship in which the two NEVER met in person. First, THIS WOMAN IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! you must distinguish if you know Courtney Leigh cook, or domino Diaz? They are both the same person, but "domino Diaz" is Courtney's stage name and adult entertainment name. If you only know her by that then you don't know her! And I should point out, domino Diaz is Courtney's alter ego, split personality, among others! Courtney cook suffers from severe mental illness!!! She receives a social security check for her mental illness. A check that goes to her mother Kelly, because Courtney is not stable enough to take care of herself! Her mother is her care provider. Courtney will be in a nursing home by the time she is 30yrs. Old. I would bet my life savings on that! Sooner if her mom stops taking care of her! Because mental illness progresses as you get older, and at just 24 its already BAD!!!Having said that. If you engage in sexual activity with Courtney/domino you may as well walk in a nursing home and rape a resident. She is not of sound enough mind to make that decision. Although she is a MORE than willing participant. Someone in her state of mind really can't make a decision where she is putting her health or the health of others in jeopardy. She has been with literally hundreds of sexual partners and who knows what her sexual health status is? She will not ask you to use protection. This is not going to stop any of the selfish scumbags that only see her as a sexual object. But you should feel horrible for taking advantage of a person who is ILL! your also putting yourself at a high risk! Courtney suffers from bipolar disorder, personality disorder, and other mental issues from a childhood trauma involving molestation by her older half brother. I hate putting her buisnes out there but the world needs to truly understand the person they are dealing with! If you have ever seen the movie monster? Courtney reminds me of that! She is very bitter toward men because of her trauma and the way she was treated by her father. And the way she gets treated by "clients" that are aggressive because they are paying her money and force her to do certain sex acts. But… she is the one putting herself out there to be degraded, but also remember, this girl should really be institutionalized. When Courtney has one of her mania episodes which can happen literally any second, she becomes EXTREMELY VIOLENT!!!!

  29. Hmmm, not quite sure if Mark is "Domino", if Courtney is "anonymous", or "Kevin Diaz" is "Gary Diaz", or if "Kevin Diaz", "Gary Diaz" and "Domino Diaz" are related!? But, the general consensus is that this girl is really lost and very delusional. There are millions of people that suffer from one type of depression or another, and still live very productive lives. Ms. Cook does not need sympathy, but rather a kick in the rear and a reality check. Accountability, that is what she avoids! She needs to grow up and contribute to society. Be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

  30. By your comments Kevin, I think we all feel sorry for you…not Domino/Courtney

  31. I was at her house which she shares with her brother and her dog. The house is about the size of an apartment and its behind a woodworking shop. She has two couches in her living room.

    She had been drinking and she came over and straddled my lap. She does have magnificent breasts because she took her top off and shoved them in my face. We didn't have sex because she was really drunk and as hot as she was she was just to sloppy to be any good.

    She got really pissed off when I turned her down and started screaming at me so I left. Anyone who knows her will know from the details of my story that it is true

  32. After what "Kevin Rennick" said about how unclean and filthy she/it is, I don't understand how or why ANYBODY (drunk or sober) would even consider engaging in any kind of sexual activity with her/it! Word to the wise and unwise: If she is having a herpes outbreak, do not let her/it go "south" on you! Just saying.

  33. I met this girl off a craigslist ad. I picked her up from her dads house on Melrose place in morrow Ohio. When I asked what she wanted to do she said go to a strip club. She wanted to prospect to find one to work at. Like any guy I said SURE! WITHIN 4HRS. of meeting her we were in a hotel room having unprotected sex! Which after reading these testimonies I cant believe I did and now I'm scared to death!!! I would of never dreamed a good looking girl like her would have such little moral value, and low self esteem! I can verify the scars. And her personal hygiene issues as far as below the waist. I can't believe I was so stupid, but I got caught up in the moment! this girl is CRAZY!!!!!

  34. Her and I met recently. She had a profile on plenty of fish. She is scored about the recent break up with her ex boyfriend. We went to a few bars. We kept getting kicked out because of the way she was dressed. It was sexy, but embarrassing also. She wore next to nothing. I'm embaressed about how the rest of the nigh went. I would of like to have known about this site sooner! I found myself wondering if i was the only guy she was with that day. I found this site after googling her name because she said she had more pics on her modeling site and just to google her. This girl is gonna cause a world wide pandemic!

  35. Kevin, you have as much class and dignity as she/it does! After saying all the things you said, and KNOWING how unclean and filthy she/it is, how could you still associate yourself with this disgusting thing? OMG, I think I am going to puke! That Gary guy should thank the heavens that he never put himself at risk with this walking AIDS incubator! I think that I can smell her through the internet! Where's my can of LYSOL?

  36. Comments were deleted because they were directed to attack other posters and not adding helpful information to the discussion.

    We do not allow flame wars.

  37. This post is only for information about Courtney/Domino and no one else. Comments attacking other readers have been deleted.

    Again, we do not allow comments that attack other readers.


    Ok…so I've put off commenting on this RIDICULOUS site, because even people that know the truth should not contribute to this GARBAGE !!! Domino does not need anyone to defend her, but he**, I'm going to do it anyway & put this CRAP to rest! It's obvious they are all lies, but I can't sit back & read someone stating their comment is true because they knew Domino for…how many months …? 3, 4 ?? Well I was her BEST FRIEND from ages 8-22 yrs old !! The only reason we don't still talk is because we lost touch a couple years ago. First of all, for someone to state it's a fact that she's been with HUNDREDS of partners??? LOL Do you know how stupid that sounds!?!? How in the he** would you know if she's been with that many people!? You're obviously just trying to make her look like a slu* because you don't want any other guy to have her!! And Domino has ALWAYS been religious about using protection, she would always worry about condoms breaking & getting pregnant, so she'd NEVER have unprotected sex with strange men!! So if she had unprotected sex with you it was obvious that she cared & TRUSTED you!! And by the way, it doesn't matter how many guys you've been with, it has NOTHING to do with your hygiene! So DUMB. Last time I checked, she was only taking 2 different medications, & their a very common anti depressant. PEOPLE HAVE DEPRESSION!! It does not mean they are psychotic, or bad people. Also, I'm the one that encouraged Domino to sing in the first place, she has a beautiful, very soulful voice, & I would not be surprised one bit if I saw her on a billboard someday. 🙂 Domino has ALWAYS treated everyone with 100% respect, & has always been the "peacemaker". So for her to actually give up & leave you….well…that says a lot about you. People get angry, yes; but Manic, violent episodes !? I've never seen her have such a thing. So I'm sure if she let you have it buddy you deserved it ! Also, making fun of someone's looks?? Really??? I didn't know we were in SECOND GRADE STILL!! Split personality?? Uhhhh….. NO. She changed her name a few years ago because she started singing! As far as her being disfigured??? Um…I think if she was disfigured you'd see that through her makeup!!! Scars do not make you disfigured. If you were lucky enough to be her boyfriend/fiancee, I can't see a boyfriend saying such horrible things. So obviously this person didn't really know, OR love Domino. Anyone who knows Domino at all knows she's a star…to know her is to love her, simply put 🙂 Much love D <3 <3 I'm here if you need me…:) A true friend.

  39. Comments are to add information about Domino Diaz and no to be about friends, boyfriends or anyone else other than Courtney Cook.

    If you have comments about other people, please submit a report about them.

  40. More comments deleted that did not add any new information to the topic.

    Kevin Rednick – Please keep your comments brief and on topic. Comments that are two pages long are rarely read by others.

  41. is that it? Did Courtney wear out her welcome and use up her 15 minutes of so-called "fame"? Oh well, back to the prestigious "career" of bartending!

  42. I just read a comment posted on June 9th from "Alexis". She was attempting to persuade/convince the readers that Courtney has not engaged is sex with multiple partners. What Alexis fails to recognize is that she inadvertantly contradicts herself when she states that Courtney has "always been religious about protection", and that she had "always been worried about condoms breaking and getting pregnant". I really can't see why numerous guys would comment about how promiscuous Courtney is!?! Why would this guy, Kevin, air out his "dirty laundry" for all to see? Courtney really has created this reputation that will out love her. As for seeing her on a billboard someday, yes, but it will only be a missing person add because this girl is lost.

  43. Modeling page? Anybody, and I mean anybody can join that ghetto site and say that they are a "model". She is extremely delusional, and slid anybody who actually believes that she is any more than a spectable.

  44. OMG! I just saw this website called "explore talent" when Domino admits that she has not had "any luck" forming a band! She doesn't realize that you actually have to have talent. Damn, even William Hung made it on American Idol! I guess that says alot about this "super star"! She really needs to wake up! She's really not all there!

  45. This website is disgusting
    To make up lies post pics and phone numbers
    About a person is called slander
    I know here personally and this person you people description is non existent .
    But back on track
    To the guy that made this website and posted all this about an innocent woman
    That has rejected so much negativity
    You just add to the fire of ignorant rednecks
    That obviously can’t handle rejection

    She is a real good person. Beautifull in every way

    The scars she carrys you all put there

  46. We have proof from emails and text messages of what we say. If you decide to be stupid and not believe what we posted that is your choice

  47. One person did not report her. We received 5 reports on her, 3 had proof that they were different men that actually met her. Also comments from at least half a dozen different people. She is the most reported reported women and the most visited review on our website.

  48. Courtney is a good person, I have met her. When I knew her she just had a problem with alcohol but everyone has their problems. Courtney if you ever see this I just sent you message on KIK.

  49. I used to hang with her brother Cody she was hot but everyone knew she was a slut. Heard me she had hooked up some guy and he was paying her bills while she was still havin sex with other dudes

  50. Tell us any info you have about her or whatever fake name she is using now

  51. [comment removed because it is not about Courtney Leigh Cook aka Domino Diaz]

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